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8 days (..magazineee)


It’s 8 days until Im flying off to japan and I’m currently down with fever (lol such things happen to me a lot…)

I’m only 10% done with packing and I plan to collect my visa and change currency only 2 days before flying (hopefully the yen drops by then) because I have work before that.

But I’m so excited! Gonna go to hokkaido with my friends from 27th aug to 9th sept (2 weeks!) and then my 5-month life at Tokyo will start from there. 😀

One thing I’m worried about is the cold though…I ‘d honestly rather feel hot than cold…the cold just goes right through your bones and can make you sick too! (And I srsly hope I don’t fall sick while I’m there. Maybe falling sick now means I reached my falling sick quota for the year so i won’t fall sick anymore..#logic)

I’m starting this blog to record my experience at waseda uni (because my sift-like memory cannot keep up). I’ll update it whenever I can! (Though I expect myself to be pretty tired for like the first month or so from settling in and stuff)

Alright gotta get in more rest. Cya!


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