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spilling like an overflowing sink.

Oh mannnnnnn.

So I’ve about 2 days left till I leave. I’m quite surprised at how some of my friends want to send me off at the airport and stuff but I’ve been dissuading all of them cause I’ll only be leaving close to midnight and I imagine it to be really sad?? Like a brief 21st bday party because your friends are all gathered but it’s for your long-term departure lol. But yeah I’m touched that I mean that much to my friends..:’) sob sob…

I’m really gonna miss my friends and family these 5 months while I’m gone, but I hope I can make new friends in japan and not keep relying on and thinking of the people in my comfort zone.

At the same time I hope I won’t be replaced by someone else while I’m gone…like maybe when I come back to sg my place here will be gone and at home my bed will be taken and my table taken as well :OO (I really think that might happen though lol but I’ll just take it back again hahaha)

Saying goodbyes sure are hard…thank goodness it’s only temporary though. If death waited for people to say goodbye I think it’ll be draggier and more painful than it already is…how do you even say goodbye to the ones you love?? I want them with me forever (oops soppy)


One thought on “spilling like an overflowing sink.

  1. I will miss you loads ))’: 6 months will pass by in the blink of an eye, and in no time you’ll be back in SG missing Japan. Live in the moment and treasure your days there hehehe I’m sure it’s gna be fun fun fun (does hand movements) ^_^


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