Student Exchange · Thoughts

dripping like a saturated sunlight. 

That’s the sea near Otaru!


Hey guys!
So I’m currently on the rapid express train to Hakodate!

The past few days have been pretty great! Except for the plane ride lol it was really tiring and cramped 😦 /plightofapoorstudent

View of Hokkaido from the plane :’)


On the day I was leaving sg I was feeling really emotional and lonely and homesick (before I even left a ha ha…) I actually teared up 😥 and I was so surprised to see Eileen, Yan Jie and Liyun coming to send me off 😱😱 it was like super late, close to midnight already! And I’m so touched that Mitch came to send me off as well despite his rehearsals and the awkwardness of being left alone with my family after I was gone lol. My mum and younger sis hugged me for the first time in a very long time 😱

Was feeling emo a lot on the plane ride but after we started traveling around Hokkaido I’m starting to enjoy myself! I’m loving Hokkaido a lot *-* it’s such a chill (literally too) and relaxing place!

Side note: Halsey’s Badlands album just came out a few days ago!!!!! Ermagahd can’t wait to listen to everything when I finally settle down in waseda!


Shiroi koibito’s chocolate factory at Sapporo!


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