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First Day in Sapporo

After the long flights and 30mins of lugging our luggages around, we finally checked into our hostel (which I rly rly love!) and looked for dinner (totally had no time for lunch so we all felt very ugH).

The host of the hostel (is that why it’s called a hostel? Because there’s a host??? /revelations) recommended us this place for ramen and it’s on trip advisor as well! It’s called Ramen Shingen.

How the signboard of Ramen Shingen looks like!

I found the ramen so-so only though. The chahan (fried rice) on the other hand was soOOoooo good it beat all the fried rice in even the highest class restaurants in sg lol. Shame that the Japanese can do fried rice better than the Chinese but it was SO GOOD!!!!! I constantly dream of eating it again *-* wonders when I’ll ever go back to Sapporo again….

We walked around the streets of Sapporo and went back to rest after that! It’s hot in the day (but not as hot as sg, the air is quite cooling and refreshing) but super cold at night, which is troublesome because if you wear too many layers in the day you’ll feel too hot but at night you’ll feel fine. And if you wear too little in the day you’ll suffer at night lol. And it’s troublesome to keep carrying around a jacket too /firstworldproblemsoops.

Everything in Japan is cute. Even the construction.
Sapporo TV Tower! Apparently there’s plans to make the tower even taller than Tokyo Skytree, but not sure when/if that will be realized.
The hostel’s lounge! It’s really cozy and the music was good too!
Went into a pet shop and all the cats and dogs were soo cute! I hope they find a nice home :’) [I encourage adopting and not buying though!]

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