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I wonder if you know how they live in Tokyo?

Ayyyy so my 2 weeks in Hokkaido ended with a blast and this is my 3rd night in Tokyo now.

The limousine bus by waseda came to pick us up from the airport and brought us to our campuses. Thank goodness it didn’t rain that night (it’s typhoon season now so it practically rains all the time) because we all had heavy luggages and stuff! Had an orientation that night, set up my bed and went to sleep after midnight. Had no time for dinner that day sob sob 😥

My room at Nishi-Waseda International Student House (WISH)! I love love love how I have my own bathtub, air-conditioner (and heater), toilet and sink, balcony and fridge for only 74,000 yen! It’s pretty small but I’m quite happy with it! ^-^


The next day I went to collect back my deposit from Sakura house with sh. Thank goodness the person could speak English or we’d have a hard time trying to get across what we wanna say lol. I was really really hungry by then because I haven’t eaten for the past 24 hours and I’ve been doing a lot of walking and carrying luggages the day before! Ate at a Malaysian restaurant just 5mins walk from ikebukuro and it was pretty good! The place is called Malaychan…yes I own the place (because my surname is chan) haha jk no haha haha……;;;

After that we went to the 4 storey daiso at harajuku to buy supplies for our rooms! It’s super troublesome to carry bags of stuff and have to carry an umbrella while braving the rain T. T but ok glad that’s over. I reALLY can’t wait for typhoon season to end. I think that’ll be in early to mid October which is one month from now 😥

Ate dinner at the shared kitchen and met a number of people who live on my floor!

The next day had a super boring (but useful) uni-wide orientation about bank accounts, cell phones, clubs and circles, health insurance etc. Then I went for the SILS (my school) information session and sat for the Japanese placement test. I’m supposed to be level 3 but I managed to just hit level 4 😱! Well I’ll still be taking level 3 courses because I’ll probably struggle like crazy in level 4.

Went to look for a pillow after that because the tiny bean sack pillow given by the dorm sucks rly bad!! But the pillow I found is still kind of hard and there’s beans as well on the underneath (can’t escape from the beans here).

This Taiwanese girl i met who’s also my friend’s dorm mate forgot her way back so I accompanied her to her dorm using google maps! Also met someone else who didn’t know her way back and accompanied her back also. It was rly tough because of the rain and I was carrying so many books and a huge pillow ;- ;…… And and when it was finally my turn to go back to my own dorm, the postal code for my dorm didn’t work for my map lol. I was brought to a different place in the opposite direction instead….was starting to worry because my phone batt was running low and the rain kept getting in the way..but then I decided to rely on my rusty memory and somehow managed to find my way back after like half an hour lol. T_ T

My dinner tonight. It cost $5+!


Had dinner at the shared kitchen again and met more Taiwanese people from my floor! Also feeling more determined about cooking my meals because I need to save money + almost everyone is doing that which is pretty motivating lol.

Feeling pretty overwhelmed by the bunch of things I need to do (a lot are admin/paperwork-ish which I really don’t like because it’s mostly in japanese and troublesome) and all the orientation sessions (more like info overload sessions) to attend…I’ve a second dorm orientation session in the morning tomorrow. 😥

Gotta sleep now! Good night!

Found milo at this supermarket called Santoku which is really near my dorm (Nishiwaseda) and Waseda uni!


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