Student Exchange · Tokyo


The ingredients!

So I cooked my own dinner the first time in Japan today! :O basically miso ramen with veges lol. I shall improve and make better food in the future!

Okuma clock tower and auditorium! Part of Waseda university.


Had dorm orientation today and filled up a number of forms. Also went to an Indian restaurant for lunch after that and went to make our name stamps for bank application.

Headed to nakano where there’s lots of clothes, shoes, electronics, anime shops (there’s like everything there lol) +.+ but then somehow I felt really tired during late afternoon, probably because of my sucky pillow (I bought a bigger pillow yesterday because the beanbag one by the dorm sucks lol,but now the one I bought is too big and high and hard T.T so I didn’t get a good night sleep…am now switching back to bean bag pillow but putting my comforter/blanket over it so it feels like 1% softer)

Katsu chicken curry rice from the indian shop near my school. It’s soooo good, and random fact: I didn’t know that prata’s only available in Singapore and Malaysia. Was shocked and disappointed to not see any prata here and only naan’s. T_T


After buying some groceries for dinner (at Santoku, oh and i got a membership card as well! There’s a 500 yen discount after accumulating like a few hundred points), me and fika wanted to head back to the dorm but we somehow managed to walk right past it and thought we got lost until we u-turned and realized we missed it lol. We were both so tired 😱

Peppermint tea from my Romanian friend Ana I met in the dorm 🙂
Touch screen vending machine!
Interesting looking shop at Nakano!
Looks like Kinokuniya gave up selling books and moved on to baking instead 😛

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