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Wowww went to quite a few places in shinjuku today! Didn’t think there’ll be so much to do there but I was told that shinjuku station is like the #1 most populated station in the world so I guess there is lots to do there. Almost got lost a number of times today 🙊 oops

Apparently Lotteria is the Macdonald’s of Japan!


Met up with friends from NUS and Taishi who went to sg for his exchange and is now back in Japan! Had lunch at a random burger place…I accidentally ordered beef burger lol (I don’t like beef at all) but the beefy taste (?) wasn’t strong so I could continue eating it and pretend that nothing was wrong ahahaha.

We went to biqlo (big box x uniqlo) and there’s like 8? storeys of clothes, tech stuff, cooking stuff and basically everything lol. I’m still considering buying this pillow I saw which was only 900+ yen…but I already wasted 2k+ on my previous pillow :'(…

After that, we went to the Tokyo metropolitan building, to the 45th floor to see the skyline and have a bird’s eye view of Tokyo! It’s free which is really really nice! *-*

In the lift to the metropolitan government building! It’s free to enter and great for those people on a budget but who still want to see the aerial view of Tokyo 🙂
View from the metropolitan government building.
Awesome view!


We had dinner at ichiran ramen (it’s at shinjuku as well)! It’s really famous in Japan! Started queuing at 5pm and had to wait for an hour lol. It was worth the wait though, the tonkotsu soup felt light but tasted really flavourful and you could customize everything from the amount of garlic to the soup heaviness to the noodle to the hot sauce! Oh yes, the best thing is that the ramen is spicy! It’s been so long since I ate legit spicy ramen in japan +.+ most food here are either bland or sweet lol…and most of the time, what is advertised as spicy isn’t spicy at all. Definitely going back there again!!

Signboard of Ichiran Ramen!
The board gets updated to ’empty’ when the seat is emptied! 😀
Ichiran ramen. Definitely a must-try!


We also went to kabuki district (so cool because it’s in gintama as well but idk if it’s the same one lol probably not). It’s a red light district! Went back there again at night and saw some scantily clad women and many people advertising their all-you-can drink bars. Also went into a porn shop for the first time and saw obscene things lol. 🙈

It didn’t rain at all today which is so awesome (albeit hot)!! 😀

Gonna stay indoors tmr because my room is in desperate need of a good cleaning session. Also, I rly need to start budgeting!!

Spot the godzilla!
Didn’t go in because…look at the price! (It’s close to SGD $90)
This microphone-like building is actually an art school!

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