Someya party, SILS Welcome Party, Tokyo Tour

A few days ago I went to the Someya Party (Someya is the name of the function room) where we had to pay 100yen to play games and eat lots of random snacks and sweets from Japan!

After that we split into groups for dinner and my group went for nomikai (drinking party)! It was really fun and I was afraid that I’d be forced to drink a lot but it wasn’t that bad! I’m surprised I didn’t get drunk or get a hangover or anything bad though, I drank like twice of the total amount of alcohol I’ve drank my whole life! Tried quite a few flavours like umeshu, peach, green apple, calpis, yuzu, etc and the food was pretty good too. We went to the 2,500yen all-you-can-drink izakaya at Takadanobaba! It’s so expensive though and I’d really rather spend the money on a tabehoudai (all you can eat) than a nomihoudai (all you can drink). But it was a great experience, most of us got high and the Japanese from WIC taught us about drinking calls and stuff! (Doing chants to ask someone to drink)

The next day I went to SILS welcome party..it was basically just a small lunch session with sandwiches and tidbits..I was spamming sandwiches because tidbits are so unhealthy and they weren’t really the kind that’s unique to japan either!

Today I went with niji no kai’s Tokyo tour to asakusa! It was pretty fun and my group was speaking Japanese throughout which was pretty tough lol but it’s rly good practice!! 🙂

Also, it’s rather interesting how many Japanese seem to have high regards for Caucasian-looking people. In comparison Chinese-looking people are sometimes looked down upon by the Japanese lol. Well I guess it depends from person to person! But after knowing about this stereotype I’m more wary of it now (and thus I might unwittingly confirm the stereotype because of my wary and negative behavior)



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