Welcome trip @ Chichibu, Saitama

Went for a 2d1n trip to Chichibu with Niji no kai (international circle) and it was so fun! 😀

We had a traditional japanese dinner, onsen (awks but awesum), drinking party on the first night! the next day we went to make udon and ate it for lunch (i’m honestly rly rly sick of udon now!!! lol), and went to some place with lots of rocks and hopped around and played skipping stones. Then we went to the chichibu shrine! I only slept 3 hours the night before and reached back home at 10pm+ T___T it was sooo tiring but so fun!

I’m so thankful for my wonderful dorm mates <33 if not for them I definitely wouldn’t have had as much fun. :’) I’m glad i managed to make friends here lol and I wish I was staying for a year :((((….afraid that these bonds would fade when i leave T__T

rly awesome washoku (japanese-style) dinner :’)

unfortunately i dont like sashimi lol 😦


at chichibu train station! this is also the place of ano hana!
kotatsu! *-* you put your legs underneath the futon and there’s a heater below so it’s all warm underneath!
breakfast! eaten with rice!
natto…..i don’t like it at all omg hahahaha. 😦
much asian.
maple syrup soft cream *-* one of the nicest soft creams i’ve eaten (up there with lavendar and grape and melon soft cream)!! the cone tastes like senbei (japanese cracker) as well which is so unique!
yeah you gotta step on the udon lol. yes almost all my socks have a hole because my second toe is super long LOL…
delicious water *-*
bought oden from the conbini near the dorm! it’s 70yen each only! reminds me of yong tau foo in singapore except more expensive lol.
hot from the vending machine *-*










wearing choco’s hat! whats going on behind me tho



3 thoughts on “Welcome trip @ Chichibu, Saitama

  1. Aww the scenery’s so beautiful and I’m glad to hear you’re having fun hehe (((((‘: am very amazed by the hot corn soup from the vending machine…. *-* need to bring this back here!!


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