Student Exchange · Thoughts


It’s only been 3 months (ermagahd that’s actually pretty long lol) since I started living and studying in Japan, but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of things already.

I’ve learnt to:

– read the atmosphere so I won’t offend Japanese people lol

– train my social skills and speak more clearly and slowly to non singaporeans

– cook a few decent dishes and I finally know how to cook rice lol

– take care of myself when I’m sick

– clean my room and toilet (T.T) myself

– check the weather forecast daily because the temperature, wind and rain is always so unpredictable

– practice politeness and friendliness with strangers (aka bowing a lot)

– show my (good) feelings and thoughts for my friends instead of hiding it all the time

– open my door with my elbow and foot because my hands are holding my dishes of food lol

– be more understanding and less judgmental

– care for my body by cooking and eating healthily (most of the time) without restricting calories

– treat my body and mind right by exercising at least once a week. My mood and complexion is getting better from exercising! It’d be great if I could get myself to exercise twice a week!

– forgive myself for not studying/doing work sometimes

– forgive myself for indulging in unhealthy food sometimes

– love japanese rice a lot

– be in a long-distance relationship

– survive in social events

– be proud of my nationality and my school

– appreciate the four seasons in Japan while being thankful for belonging to a tropical country (cus winter in Japan is too cold and summer is too hot)

– miss my family and friends while enjoying myself in Japan. And knowing that it’s okay to do that and that I shouldn’t feel guilty for it. (I like to guilt trip myself on everything that makes me happy)

And I’m currently still learning some of these same things. I am constantly reminding myself of them and I have to do so until they become an unconscious habit in my lifestyle.

My biggest aim in applying for exchange was to hopefully learn some new things. And before leaving for Japan I was really afraid and doubtful of whether I’ll actually learn anything during exchange. Isn’t it just a time to have mindless fun?

But I’m so so happyyyy that I’m learning so much just by being here! 🙂 and all that while I’m having a lot of fun as well.

Here’s to hoping I learn even more in my remaining 2 months here 🙂


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