“We are made of stardust.”

Interview excerpt from National Geographic:

“Q: We tend to think of our bodies changing only slowly once we reach adulthood. So I was fascinated to discover that, in fact, we’re changing all the time and constantly rebuilding ourselves. Talk about our skin.

A: Most people don’t even think of the skin as an organ. In fact, it’s our largest one. To keep alive, our cells have to divide and grow. We’re aware of that because we see children grow. But cells also age and eventually die, and the skin is a great example of this.

It’s something that touches everything around us. It’s also very exposed to damage and needs to constantly regenerate. It weighs around eight pounds [four kilograms] and is composed of several layers. These layers age quickly, especially the outer layer, the dermis. The cells there are replaced roughly every month or two. That means we lose approximately 30,000 cells every minute throughout our lives, and our entire external surface layer is replaced about once a year.

Very little of our physical bodies lasts for more than a few years. Of course, that’s at odds with how we perceive ourselves when we look into the mirror. But we’re not fixed at all. We’re more like a pattern or a process. And it was the transience of the body and the flow of energy and matter needed to counter that impermanence that led us to explore our interconnectedness with the universe.”

I find this really interesting. I’ve always known that our cells are always regenerating but have never noticed the fact that, physically,  we are ever-changing and in fact programmed to reborn with a clean slate every now and then. :’)

I think it’s good to do that with our minds too and reset our mental states of “i’ve never done this before, so i can’t/shouldn’t do it” or “i’m not the type of person to *insert fun/new/something-you’ve-always-been-dreaming-to-do activity here”. If you want to learn how to sing, you should go do it. If you want to learn investing, you should go learn it. If you want to start doing well in school, you should take the first step and consult people about it. You may suck at whatever it is you want to start doing, but…


We are not fixed. We are ever-changing, like the seasons. It’s a subtle, gradual change, but we are still changing.

And I’m so thankful for that.


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