Adventure Cove!

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Hello! A few days ago, Mitch and I went to adVENTURE COVEEEEE!! I’m gonna include some tips on what to do to maximize your time and fun there in this entry so look out for them! 😀

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Here’s RWS’s poster on what you can wear to the water theme park.

We were worried about the weather cause it’s been raining the past week and the weather forecast predicted ‘thunderstorms during late morning and early afternoon’. So thankful that the rain came during the late afternoon instead (when we pretty much finished taking all the rides!), and by the time we finished bathing (or me since I take really long lol), it was already 5.30pm (half an hour before closing time – which is at 6pm)! It was all timed really well :’)

Tip #1: Buy tickets online and save/screenshot the entry bar code in the attachment of the confirmation email! You’ll save $10 (if discount still applies), time and precious paper too 🙂

The night before, I checked online for the price of the tickets and realized that buying online is $10 cheaper (it’s at $26, instead of $36), because of this HSBC discount. I don’t have a HSBC account or card, but the discount applied even when using my DBS debit card lol.

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To get there, you can either walk into Sentosa via the boardwalk (i think it costs $1?), or enter through the Sentosa tram (top level of Vivocity), which costs $4 for a return trip. Alight at Waterfront Station and follow the signs all the way to Adventure Cove (it’s quite a walk).

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The harbour on the way to Adventure Cove! These ships reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean *- *

We went on a normal weekday at around 11am and the place was decently filled with people (not crowded). Waiting times for rides were about 15-20 minutes.

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Tip #2: Go to the lockers (and showers) nearer to the cafeteria instead of the one near the entrance as it’ll be less packed (imagine everyone wanting to shower when it’s near closing time)! 

There’s only about 5 shower cubicles for each toilet/changing room so it’s quite a wait for the showers if it’s really crowded. I had to wait about 15-20mins in the cold (it was raining heavily outside) for this whole family in front of me to take turns showering T___T…

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Here are directions to the lockers that are nearer to the Bay Restaurant (quite a central location around all the good rides):

  1. Once you enter adventure cove, walk straight. You should see a box-like thing where the place their life jackets on the right.
  2. Continue on straight, until you see a small bridge to your right.
  3. Cross the bridge, turn left and walk straight.
  4. Walk through the dark cave.
  5. Once you’re out of the dark cave, there’s a path a little to the right of you. Walk down that path and you should see lockers to your right! (They’re near the Dueling Racer ride).

If you’re lost, check out a map nearby (there’s one on the bridge out of the dark cave in step 5). Or click here for a link to the map! Lockers are near Star #10 on the map.

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The lockers cost $10 for the smaller sized one (it can fit about two medium sized bags!), and it’s reusable for the whole day.

After we dumped our stuff and changed, we went to plaaaaay!

Tip #3: Go to the 7 rides below first!

The 7 rides with longer queues are (in no order): Spiral washout, Whirlpool washout, Tidal twister, Pipeline plunge, Riptide rocket, Dueling racer, and Rainbow Reef (not really a ride, but a small snorkeling enclosure).

Take note that the queues for Spiral washout and Whirlpool washout are right beside each other, and remember to get a float before going up the stairs to queue! The same applies for Tidal twister and Pipeline plunge.

I think in terms of the adrenaline factor, it’s (from least scary to scariest): Rainbow reef, Whirlpool washout, Spiral washout (actually i can’t rmb which is which lolol), Tidal twister, Pipeline plunge, Dueling racer, Riptide rocket.

Riptide rocket was def the scariest, cause it took awhile to climb up to a certain height and the drops were too vertical for someone sitting in a floatie with no safety belts or anything T___T but it was really fun and definitely safe! Just take note to tilt your head forward a little before the drop (cause my head jerked backwards from the sudden downward acceleration and I kinda injured my neck trying to bring it forward LOL…yes i have trouble getting out of bed/turning my head much now but i should be fully recovered in a few days)

As for Rainbow reef (it’s at no extra cost!), it was really enjoyable to snorkel in clear waters and see soooo many fishes! I saw nemo and dory (aka anemone fish and blue tang. i think. lol)!! You’re not supposed to kick and just let the current in the pool lead you around the enclosure. I had trouble with my snorkeling mask cause water kept going in…and I’m not sure how clean the masks are since we all gotta put the tube in our mouths to breathe lol. But it’s singapore, so….i’m hoping our standards won’t allow for dirty masks.

I’d recommend starting with the least exciting to the most so you can slowly build up your anticipation! Also, even riptide rocket (most exhilarating ride there imo) doesn’t beat an average rollercoaster in terms of fear cause…it’s just a water ride in a floatie! So don’t get too excited about it lol.

Let me continue describing the other rides:

Bluwater Bay: it’s a wave pool! Wear a life vest, go in and enjoy the waves that come every 10mins and last for 3mins! The deeper you go, the heavier the waves get, so be careful! It’s really fun to just float along with the waves. It’s like helping me learn how to cope with troubles. Don’t worry. Just go along with it, and float. #lifeadvice

Adventure river: this river goes through the whole theme park, you can enter from several places, float/swim along the currents, and when you chance upon a float, get it and float along the rest of the way 😛 there’s this section where you can peek into Ray Bay (you need to pay extra to enter Ray Bay)..there’s lots and lots of different stingrays! there’s also another section where you can see baby sharks and many other fish!

Splashworks: Just an area with some rope courses (that require some amount of arm and core strength to cross lol) above the pool of water. There’s also a cliff jump of 1 storey high and another which is 2 storeys high. The pool is 4m deep, so make sure you know how to swim before doing any of the stuff inside here. Also it’ll help to pinch your nose for the cliff jump cause it sucks when water goes into your nose!

Wet maze: We didn’t get to try the maze itself cause of lightning alert, but there was a high elements rope course above it which we tried. This was the ‘ride’ that scared the crap out of me!!!! I was counting on every child in front of me who succeeded the course for confidence, but the kid right before me was scared cause it suddenly became extra windy,  so he decided to back out. I didn’t know my fear of heights had gotten so bad, but I was intensely focused throughout the course and was fearing for my life even though I was wearing a harness lol.

It also didn’t help that halfway through the course, the lightning alert sounded, and I heard staff telling people to use the emergency exit, so everyone was suddenly evacuated away (which made me that much more afraid) and we were the only ones left up there… I prob finished the course in a record breaking time cause my fear was telling me to goooooooo and get down from there ;_____ ; wanted to try this attraction in an effort to improve my fear of heights but….I think it kind of reinforced the trauma lol.

Oh, we ate at the Bay Restaurant (which is more like a cafeteria than a restaurant) for lunch. I had fish and chips, which were pretty decent (not as good as fish & co or manhattan’s), but still expensive (it cost about $14?). Well..the price isn’t a surprise for a place within a theme park though. Mitch had the chicken burger, which wasn’t worth it according to him hahaha. There’s pizza too, but idk how good it is. Conclusion: get the fish & chips! Or bring your own food (it’s not allowed, so hide it properly before the bag check upon entering!) and fruits! Remember to keep yourself hydrated (there are water coolers situated around; I rmb there’s one near Bluwater Bay, Star #6 on the map) and apply sunblock!

Despite the sudden rain and traumatic experience, it was still a fun day and we really enjoyed ourselves ^_ ^ I didn’t get tanner either, which is a good thing! Heehee.

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Goodbye, adventure cove! :’)
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We had ramen for dinner at Menya Musashi at Vivocity! Though some have said it’s oily, I liked it, though I only tried the red (chicken & pork spicy broth) soup version. There’s black (garlic) and white soup (pork broth) as well. 



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