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Cameron Highlands 3D2N Trip: Day 2 & 3


Click here for Day 1!

Day 2: Sungai Palas Tea Plantation (BOH), Mossy Forest Walk, BOH Tea Centre, Brinchang Night Market, Thai steamboat dinner



Woke up for buffet breakfast at the hotel! Also discovered they had hand-made roti canai and omelette stations so you can get them freshly cooked on the spot! They were in a corner so we never noticed them previously heh.


I prefer Day 2’s tour a lot more than the previous day’s. The previous day was kind of boring visiting flower fields and other random places..but they were one of the more iconic places in Cameron after all, so I had to visit them at least once!

Sungai Palas Tea Plantation (by BOH):






I’ve never seen so much tea leaves in my life :OOO

Everything was just green green green.


The tour guide told us the workers there have free accommodation and food paid for, and they even get to send home some of the tea leaves to their families!

Mossy Forest at Mt. Brinchang:


It was a sketchy ride up Mt. Brinchang cause the road was sooo narrow with sharp corners and it felt like the vehicle could just slip and fall anytime lol. There were even people sitting on top of cars on the way up, like it’s a normal thing!



There wasn’t much to see at the peak of Mt. Brinchang, except for an army base there lol. There was a rusty tower you could climb up to get a better view too, but it was too rusty, creaky and tall for me…my fear of heights has gotten so much worse since Fuji-Q Highland… ;_ ; I need to fix this!!




The mossy forest looked pretty out-of-this-world, with strange mosses and trees looking like a scene out of The Hobbit! (i wouldn’t be surprised if a hobbit came out of those tree holes)





A little disappointed that we didn’t get to get down and dirty deeper into the forest though…I wanted to see and smell the stinky Rafflesia flower too! We stopped when the platform of stairs stopped. 😦 (which took just a 15-min climbing of stairs actually)


Super awkward pic with a whole family of oldies that we were placed with hahahahahahalol.

Boh Tea Centre:


YAAAAAS I was really looking forward to eating some sconeszzzzzz at Cameron. We finally managed to at a cafe in this centre!




The scone was pretty big and it came with clotted cream, butter and strawberry jam. We also ordered some Cameron tea to go along with it. It was a great experience finally eating scones from Cameron highlands hehe (more so from my expectations I think!). The cafe was prettyyy crowded though. In fact, the whole centre was quite crowded cause it was a weekend and it’s a popular tourist attraction!

img_0313img_0268There’s a veranda looking out to the tea plantation from the cafe. The view was magnificent. The clouds slowly moved away and seeing the sun slowly spread along the green fields made me feel so alive and thankful for this beautiful world. :’)


After this, we requested to drop off at Brinchang, walked around town (there was nothing much though…more steamboat restaurants and other food) and visited the Brinchang night market again! It was still early (4pm+?) so most of the stalls weren’t opened yet, but we bought cup corn and sea coconut drink again as a snack!

I wanted to visit The Lord’s Cafe at Tanah Rata (the other town) actually, but it was too inconvenient and we didn’t allocate enough budget for the cab fare there 😦 I read reviews that their scones were good! Imma def try that next time I return to Cameron +_ +

From Brinchang, we went to the cab terminal (it’s opposite KFC), and got a cab back up to the hotel for RM10 (i think lol). Btw, the cab terminal in Tanah Rata is opposite Marybrown!

Thai Steamboat Dinner @ Mulberry Thai Restaurant (Strawberry Park Resort):


That night we had a thai steamboat dinner at the hotel’s restaurant! This was part of the package we got.

The ingredients looked little when they came but we were reallyyyy full by the end of the meal. They gave us 3 huge portions of different types of noodles, which was really too much for 2 people lol.

There weren’t a lot of customers throughout the time we were there (and we were there for quite a long time hehe), and the service was decent.

There wasn’t anything thai about it though, no tomyum soup or anything lol. I guess only the 4 plates of sauces and possibly some ingredients were thai-ish?


The food was still great. Not super duper good, but good enough. I heard that their ala carte menu is pretty good though. Would like to try that someday!


That night I stayed up watching Man VS Wild (bear gryllssssss), celebrity version where he brings celebrities with him to treacherous places. Mitch fell asleep hahaha. I get really excited watching these things…and even though I didn’t recognize the celebrity in that episode, he had to climb across a thin rope between two mountains (beneath is a hugeeeeeeee abyss – you fall you die!! or maybe that’s what the show wanted us to think but i believed it was so!!). It was really cold, winds were blowing and shaking the rope, and technique was required to even know how to climb across the rope. You could see the hesitation in the celebrity but he finally just went for it and I was feeling soooo scared for him. He went through without any problems and it gave me so much relief and hope. I could never do that! But I’d like to conquer my fears like that guy did…

Day 3:

The next morning we had to check out and head home 😥

Oh yeah, during breakfast, I was thinking that since it’s our last day in cameron, I should just check PokemonGo in case…and when I opened the app, DRAGONITE APPEARED!!! I was so shocked lol. I had like 7 pokeballs left but managed to catch it!! Mitch didn’t….so I named it “Mitch’sTears” hehe.

We were practically stuck in a coach with two annoying attention-seeking crying children sitting right in front of us from like 8am to 10pm!!!! /dies

It took me a lot of patience and self-control to stay calm and positive throughout lolol. But it was great bonding time with Mitch I guess! Was also feeling sad all the way cause he was gonna leave me again #overlyattachedgf hahahaha.

We went to Changi Airport to return the mobile wifi that we got…it was pretty much useless up in Cameron lolol regrets buying it. It was useful down in malaysia otw back to singapore though.


And we came across this couple-storeys high slide thingy! You need to spend a certain minimum amount to be able to ride the slide. We realized we spent that amount on the mobile wifi, so we claimed tickets for it and went on the slide hehe. It was pretty fun! Didn’t expect it to be so long but it was a few storeys high afterall.

We took the train home and reached home pretty late. It was a tiring day of being trapped in a small space with our ears bombarded by crying. But overall, the trip was a great respite away from the humid city!




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