10 things I’m grateful for



I’m grateful for:

1) The people who I’ve crossed paths with and who made me who I am now, even in the littlest of ways.

2) Being able to live in a peaceful place (Singapore), with enough nature, technology and quality education. A place where it’s always summer. How ironic that I used to hate that, but now that I’ve experienced winter (after staying in Japan for half a year) I realized being cold all the time just makes me sad.

3) The delicious home-cooked food I got to eat when growing up, and still get to eat on weekends now.

4) Platforms that allow me to discover and listen to new and wonderful music when my soul really needs it.

5) People who have not given up on me even during times when I’ve failed them and myself.

6) Being able to sleep in and do whatever I wanted today.

7) The opportunity to conduct my thesis with clinical patients, and with the best professor.

8) All the hard times I had to go through which made me stronger than I was before.

9) Having a brooding mind since I was young – I used to dislike it, but it has helped me grow and groom a critical mind.

10) Being able to dream. It’s one of the things that keeps me going through trying times.


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