Learning to drive

Hello! Today I’m gonna talk about me learning to drive.

I always dreaded learning driving cause…being trapped with a usually-fierce-instructor for more than an hour just fills me with anxieties D’: so when I was finally legal at 18 y/o and had 9 months of free time (which I filled up with work), I didn’t consider learning driving at all, whereas most of my friends were taking turns to post pictures of their driving license on social media ;_ ;

Well…I decided that driving will be an important skill if I wanted to go to America/anywhere bigger than Singapore and without cheap public transport. (It’ll also be useful for a quick getaway in a zombie apocalypse…just sayin’)

I signed up in June and took my Basic Theory Test and Final Theory Test in July, but only managed to book my practical lessons in September cause the lesson slots are usually quickly taken up by current students. It’s December now, and the frequency of my driving lessons has been amped up this month because i’m *finally* taking my driving test at the end of the month!!

I had a bumpy start to my driving lessons cause my first instructor was really really really mean and degrading. At first I thought I was just being sensitive and thought he was right to scold me like that. But upon looking back, I realize now that he didn’t teach me well at all. In fact I learned later on that a lot of the things he taught me were wrong, and plenty of students have left him before lolol.

I signed up for this plan where they’d assign me a fixed pair of instructors, and I never got to meet the other instructor because he was on long-term absence. It took me about 1-2 months of derogratory remarks and lots of tears before I decided to change to a different team. The new pair of instructors I got are reallyyyyy awesome. They’re strict, yet friendly. They corrected a lot of my basics which the first instructor ruined…it was really hard to relearn so many things again lol.

I’ve gone through most of the modules by now, and am left with gaining confidence and more practice in driving within and outside the school circuit. I think I fare the worst in lane-changing ;_ ; I just feel uncomfortable especially in checking the left mirror lolol and am afraid of cars suddenly appearing at my side and causing an accident fml. My vertical and parallel parking is sometimes late/early too, but at least I can do the correction for those before I hit the kerb.

People who’ve gotten their driving licenses already usually say that driving is really easy. I guess it is once it becomes an automatized skill. But I think such people tend to forget the fear and worries they once went through when they first started out! I remember a psych study which found that people who’re about to undergo a painful operation will find better comfort with someone else who’s also about to undergo that as well, compared to people who have already gone through that. We tend to underestimate the pain/difficulty of something after successfully surviving it.

I still dread going to driving lessons cause they’re stressful (but slightly less so recently)…so much that I literally have a headache sometimes after lessons. But I always wind up ending the lessons on a good note. I have two back-to-back driving lessons tomorrow morning (that’s 3hrs+!! ;_ ; ) but imma ride through them!! Can’t way for the day I finally get my driving license and look back on this post and laugh at myself :’D


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