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The time I went to Japan alone

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2 years ago, I spontaneously decided to go on my first solo trip – a 2-week adventure in Japan – for the sake of self-discovery!

I (surprisingly) went through a lot for such a short period – fell sick with flu and swollen eyes, was followed around by creepy guys, explored places with people I met from the hostel, befriended my Japanese hosts at the airbnb and spent a lot of time in my own thoughts while discovering parts of myself.


I only had less than a year of Japanese language experience at that time, which made me feel like I entered a different world as I didn’t understand a lot of things. Even though I meticulously planned out the sights and attractions for each day, my nonexistent sense of direction never failed to help me find my way towards unknown areas. Being alone allowed me to just float along with getting lost, without having to account for anyone but myself. *-*

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At times, being alone felt awkward especially during meal times, in shops that only had tables with even numbered seats. A lot of times I found myself wishing I could share the sights, sounds and smells I was experiencing with my friends and family. Photos, videos and omiyage (souvenirs) probably help a little but it’s not the same as having someone beside you to share the joy with.

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Even though I did meet and talk to several people along the way, towards the end of the 2 weeks I found myself craving for warm conversation more than I ever had.

This short span of 2 weeks helped me grow a lot (my height’s still the same though T.T). It helped me appreciate the people around me that I’ve always counted on, made me realize that I’m stronger than I thought myself to be, and encouraged me to appreciate every little conversation and temporary experience I got. I guess solo trips really help to enlighten a person, but if I’m out for leisure I’d much prefer to share the treasures with the people I love.



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