On fear.

Fear is supposed to hold us back and urge us to run away from dangerous things. These days though, when we don’t live in the wilderness amongst tigers or other ferocious creatures anymore, fear is more often than not something that impedes us from achieving something.

Fear has dissuaded me from taking up rare opportunities to lead. It has prevented me from learning tricks on a skateboard and numbed my mind during tough interview questions. It has frozen me when I had to speak in front of an audience. Fear sends shivers throughout my body and makes me grow invisible roots running deep into the ground.

Usually people recommend “don’t think, just do” as a remedy against fear, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that yet…and focusing on not thinking about it just makes you want to think more, you know? I wonder if there are people who have successfully conquered fear itself (other than through brain damage/surgery removing some parts of the brain related to fear like the amygdala). I would really like to learn from them. Someday, I’d like to conquer each of my fears which hold me back and impede me from doing what I want.


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