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Tsuta Ramen (蔦 )


Jan 2016 – The time I woke up at 5am and waited several hours for this Michelin-starred ramen. It was decently priced at only $10+ (1000-1500yen), but I didn’t really enjoy eating in there cause there were only friggin’ 9 seats and no one talked so the tiny space was just filled with non-stop slurping sounds, which made me feel pressured to quickly chow down my ramen instead of slowly savouring it. Felt additionally stressed to finish my ramen (I think I took only 5mins) as there was a long queue outside (in the winter cold) as well. Oh the woes of eating slowly…


The shoyu(soy sauce) soup base was made of chicken and seafood and there were generous portions of meat in there for such a low price *_* oh there was black truffle in there too, which was a differentiating factor between other ramen and this, but it still didn’t make such a *huge* difference to me. I’d recommend to try it at least once, but I still prefer Ichiran Ramen over this. (It could be because I’m more of a tonkotsu/miso kind of person than shoyu/shio)!

I wonder if the atmosphere of the Tsuta opening in Singapore will be the same as in Japan since we (or I) tend to view ramen as more of a “luxury” food and not a “eat-quick-and-go” kind of fast food.

Well, below is more information on how to get the opportunity to eat there!:


  1. Fly to Japan, Tokyo
  2. Take the train to Sugamo station (Yamanote line)
  3. Walk a short distance to the Tsuta restaurant. Be sure to get there early (7-8am).
    • Tsuta is open from 11am-4pm. It is closed on Wednesdays!! I once woke up at 5am on a Wednesday to go try Tsuta only to realize it was closed ;_ ;
  4. Pay a refundable 1000yen deposit and collect a ticket which represents your seating time. Only one ticket can be collected per person, meaning you cannot collect an extra ticket on behalf of a friend.
    • White ticket – 11am
    • Yellow ticket – 12pm
    • Light blue ticket – 1pm
    • Pink ticket – 2pm
    • Green ticket – 3pm
    • Dark blue ticket – 4pm
  5. Walk around, chill at a nearby cafe or something while waiting for your stated time. Make sure to keep your ticket in a safe place. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET!!!!! (My friend kept both our tickets and lost one of them. In the end we had to pay again for a much later time slot (and waited 7hours in total) as they were really strict about the tickets and only allowed one person to enter as we only had one ticket. 😦 )
  6. Return to the restaurant about 30 minutes (or more) before your stated seating time and start queueing (just beside the restaurant) to enter the place.
    • E.g. if your ticket represents 11am, return at 10.30am
  7. When you enter the restaurant, they will return you the 1000 yen. Choose one of the ramen from the vending machine and get a meal ticket from the vending machine. Then, pass that meal ticket to the chef.
    • You can choose between hot/cold soba (buckwheat noodles) with a choice of shio/shouyu (salt/soy sauce) soup. The option I got came with pork slices, a whole egg, bamboo shoots and truffle. I think it was the top left button!
  8. Enjoy your meal! (Ignore the deafening silence accompanied by slurping sounds in the restaurant)
  9. Explore Japan, try Ichiran Ramen
  10. Fly back home

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