Learning to love

“Ah…Ah…Ah…I want to return to my country. I miss you, Syria.”

Attended a talk about Syria today and there were various volunteers from different organizations sharing about their experiences in Syria. I was never one to be interested in politics, so I went in with low expectations and merely to accompany my friend, but ended up making notes of some organizations and projects mentioned by the speakers. The talk was more social service oriented than political, which was very much aligned with my passions.

It was a good reminder to myself to really appreciate what I have compared to what the Syrians have lost. I can’t imagine suddenly losing my home and family and seeing death and gunshots and blood each day. 😦 and it’s precisely because it’s something so far away from me, something so unimaginable while I’m living in such a peaceful place, that makes me feel so detached from it, that makes me think that their situation has nothing to do with me.


But hearing all the stories about certain individuals and children in Syria was a splash of cold water to my face, and it urged me and reminded me of why I chose to do psychology – it’s to help people in need. Those kids and even the adults who have to face violence everyday start to behave violently themselves, and in such an environment, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is likely to develop. This problem is also being largely ignored by many voluntary welfare organizations which focus on just the basic necessities like food, water and clothing. It’ll be a problem if we don’t show the children how to properly love now and the children grow up thinking that violence is acceptable and that we have to kill to live. 😦 I wish to quickly gain the qualifications and experience to be able to assist them properly…


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