It’s the 12th of December!

Although it’s not related to any significant day, just looking at the numbers makes me feel happy, and that’s because 12 is my favourite number. It’s interesting how difficult it is to explain how something eventually became our favourite thing.

For some reason, 12 itself is quite a unique number – it signifies noon, midnight, a dozen, the letter ‘R’, and there are plenty of stories with twelve of something (eg this recent anime i’m watching is actually called The Twelve Kingdoms)! I could say that it’s because 12 is unique, so it became my favourite number, but I’m not sure how much of a truth that is. I think sometimes we as humans are so unaware of what’s going on in our thought processes that we have to come up with explanations to justify how/why something happened (eg how a number or a colour became my favourite). It’s also amazing how our personal experiences since young shaped us all to have our own unique preferences. Eg some people eat their fries with chilli, some with ketchup, and some with mayonnaise (chilli/plain for me!). Some do not even like fries at all.

If I had all the time in the world and was omnipresent, I’d love to watch how someone develops their personality and tastes over time as they grow up :’) It may make us feel insignificant thinking that others are just as conscious as us and how the world isn’t actually centered around us (although it’s easy to think that way since we literally only live our lives through our own shoes), but it’s also just as amazing knowing that every person we meet holds a whole thick bundle of stories of their life experiences resulting in who they are as a person today. Of course, our genes do play a role in deciding our personality and preferences as well, but different sets of experiences activate them differentially. Maybe it’s meant to be this way so that each one of us is truly unique.

#randommidnightthoughtbabbling. Well it’s getting late now, so good night beautiful world!



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