Orchard Road · Singapore

My Tuesday

Random picture of a talented painter along Orchard Road!

Had a long day today!

8am: Helped my dad to print something (or tried to…because the printer ran out of ink oops), then bathed and watched some positive-thinking videos on youtube while eating breakfast (it’s by Marie Forleo)!

10.30am: Headed to driving lessons after. I always dread going to driving lessons…maybe because I don’t really like the hostile environment there. 😥 *feels out of place* but driving lesson itself isn’t bad at all, I have patient and friendly instructors!

12pm: Ate lunch there cause I had two back-to-back driving lessons (3hrs+ altogether ;_ ;)…it’s weird to be one of the only female (and teenaged female) eating amongst middle-aged men at a coffee shop lolol. The food is decent and cheap though, and I feel safe and no one bothers me so it’s fine!

3.30pm: Reached Bugis food court (it’s my go-to place to study/take naps/read/watch videos – and there are power plugs there too! The negative side is that the whole food court is quite noisy and the smell of food can get distracting especially during the awkward my-stomach-feels-hungry-but-i-already-ate-lunch-two-hours-ago-and-it’s-too-early-for-dinner time). I was excited to read this motivational book, but ended up feeling so tired that halfway through reading, I fell asleep for about 10-15mins lolol.

4pm: Read a chapter of Haruki Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. It was an incredibly detailed and weird chapter, which made me wonder if I was still dreaming… I really love the way he writes though. Would love to read his books in Japanese someday :’) (but first, I need to resume my Japanese classes when I have enough money and get gud)

4.45pm: 1.5 hours of intense vocal lessons! I still have problems with voice projection and not ‘lifting’ my voice which makes it tend to sound wobbly. 😦 I wanna practise more at home but sometimes I get so self-conscious when my family’s around…and I have a big family, so..they’re almost always around! (also I don’t have my own personal room so I have nowhere private to go #hobo) but I guess these are all just excuses. I need to just clench my fists and do it regardless of whether I get judged or not.

6.15pm: Met up with Mitch (my boyfriend) after his classes (he has extra archi classes this week of december D: ) and we went to the food court to eat! A few weeks back I kind of forced him to try this doubled boiled soup stall selling watercress and pork soup, and I was so happy he liked it and even finished the meat (even though he doesn’t like boiled meat) and vegetables (he’s anti-veges)!!

I’ve been wanting him to eat healthier for a looooooong time and have been worried about his health so seeing him eat healthily and enjoying it makes me happy and proud of him! I got salad (after daaays of eating unhealthily) and it felt good to eat so much vegetables again! Oh, I stupidly went to take 2 spoons instead of 1 spoon and 1 fork…so I had to walk all the way to the other end of the super massive food court to get the fork and walk the whole way back again. 😥

7.30pm: We finally tried Dragon’s Breath! I think they use nitrogen gas to make it real codl and it also gives off a smokey (fake-vape heh) effect when you eat it too. It felt like eating cold air! The coldness didn’t last for long though.


I thought the contents were ice cream but they were just big pieces of cereal! Side note: I didn’t know cereal with nutella was such a good combination though. Maybe all breakfast items just gel together naturally. Like oatmeal with cereal and nutella? Toast with cereal and nutella? Cereal nutella pancakes??

8pm: Walked around Orchard Road for a few hours (until 10pm) to look at Christmas installations/lights and browsed random shops! And I bought a beanie from H&M. I like to buy headwear but always lose them in the house (or maybe my mum threw them away) 😥





12am+: Showered and now blogging!


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