Awfully great

Today was awful yet great.

It was awful because I had cramps since last night and had to wake up at 5.30am to travel a looong way to the other end of Singapore for a 4-5 hour long written interview. It was also awful because throughout the tests,  I was having a cold/sinus and my nose was just an endless running tap 😥 was feeling really tired from not having a good sleep due to cramps and having to do the tests with tissue stuffed in my blocked nose (and both nostrils were blocked so I had difficulty breathing!!).

But today was still great because during the tests, the invigilator actually placed some tissue on my table cause she saw that I ran out of tissue (but I actually had one more packet of tissue in my pocket hehe). Aaaand I attended the written interview with my psych friend, and we reached early so we had time to eat breakfast there! I had peanut porridge and soon kueh which were pretty good. ^_^

Also, I went to my friend’s house and we had steamboat for lunch! Even though I was feeling tired and my cramps were feeling slightly worse, I rly had fun hanging out with them. :’) It reminded me of psych camp days! Skipped dinner because I’m still feeling reallyyyy full from the steamboat.

So even though today could have been awful because of how I felt physically and possibly mentally, I decided to view things in a more positive light. The pain will still be there whether I’m in a positive or negative mood, so…we might as well be positive, right? It’s definitely difficult to do so when I felt like I really needed to curl up under a blanket, and I constantly kept lamenting that I felt like dying, but…you gotta do what you gotta do. I woke up early and went all that way to do the written interview, so I had to give my best!! And it’s been a long time since I met my psych friends (after spending a whole semester practically alone sobs)!!

In the end, instead of an awful day, I guess it became an awfully great day.



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