Food · Singapore


Not long ago I met up with Sasha (my very good sec sch friend) for brunch at Sarnies! Location: 136 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068601.

There are lots of temples and heritage/cultural stuff nearby the cafe to explore, most of which I’ve never actually seen before (ayyyy unintentional rhyme).


We both had the Ham & Cheese Croissant ($7.50) which tasted pretty good, but I didn’t find it filling. 😦 I’d prefer the croissant at Lola’s Cafe. Sasha actually went to buy something else because she was so hungry!


She got the Bacon & Egg Sarnie which consisted of 2 long sandwiches filled with super crunchy/crispy bacon and poached egg in between, and they looked so filling! I found the bread too dry and the bacon too hard/crispy that it lost its bacon-ness and tasted more like a crunchy version of bak kwa (pork jerky) or pork floss instead.

Anyway, she told me the most ridiculous story of her getting drunk the night before on her first date with some Tinder dude. I’ve never gotten drunk before because I don’t fancy alcohol that much and always make sure to eat before drinking…but I’m curious as to what it feels like. Do you actually lose consciousness (because some people say they don’t remember what happened when they were drunk) or do they just lose self-control?

I remember a guy once told me that people who say they don’t remember what happened while drunk are liars cause being drunk doesn’t actually affect your memory. I’m not sure how true that is, but I’d like to know! I’d also like to know what kind of person I am when I’m drunk…I’m guessing the emo/crying type or the laughing non-stop embarrassing type lol.

Just realized that I passed the halfway mark of my 30-day challenge this December. It’s been tough having to take time out to think, edit photos and type each day, but it’s been really fun and fulfilling. My little online diary for December is right here. :’)


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