I’ve been working as a part-time tuition teacher for awhile now, and I realized that one of my biggest pet peeves is teaching people who don’t wish to help themselves.

More often than not, I come across a kid who wastes his/her parents’ tuition fees, doesn’t do his homework, dawdles and wastes time during tuition by staring into space and/or talking non-stop and is so stubborn that he/she doesn’t listen to nor respect the teacher. Sometimes, such children are actually rather intelligent but don’t make full use of what they were gifted with and waste it away with laziness.

A particular kid I taught today, on top of everything I listed above, was also really disruptive and wanted to drag other hardworking students down with him by constantly disturbing them during the class.

I was wondering what a professional, experienced teacher would do. I tried to be as strict as I could, but that did not work for long. He seemed to want people’s attention, which I and the other students could not and did not give. Learning to deal with such kids in a proper manner is a skill I’m interested to attain. It may be irrelevant to my major (Psychology) or future work, but I have a feeling it’ll be a useful skill to me someday. (Perhaps the day when I have to discipline my future children in order to bring them up properly?)

I find that the best and my favourite teachers aren’t the very sweet and nice ones, nor the very irrationally angry and moody ones. My favourite teachers were always those who were nice if you were hardworking, but at the same time knew when to be strict and fierce. They managed to balance the two well, striking fear and love through their teaching. And it’s a quality I aspire to reach.


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