An embarrassing moment

One time, back in secondary school (about 15-16 years old), we were all practising math questions in class and the teacher was going around helping students out with them math demons. I was totally in the momentum of things, rocking my chair to my internally-playing music while writing out sums, when…my momentum grew too big, and the next thing I knew, I hit my head on the table behind me and my scenery morphed from the whiteboard in front to the ceiling above.

That was when painful reality hit: I rocked my chair too hard and fell backwards along with the chair.

The surrounding people who noticed it started laughing uncontrollably lololol cause it was pretty funny. I tried to get up, but my chair was still stuck in that upside down way, and I was trapped between the chair and the table behind me and couldn’t escape. My face started to feel hotter and hotter as I laid there upside down…I was practically a stuck tomato.

Finally someone noticed that I couldn’t actually get up, shifted the table behind me and released me from this horror. T _T During those days, we wear school uniforms, so I was wearing a skirt, and it was totally flipped up the entire time too…but I always wear shorts beneath my skirt which made it slightly less bad…although it was still really embarrassing.

The pain in my body from falling backwards could not be compared to the echoing laughter assaulting me in my mind. ;_ ;

I honestly have more embarrassing moments being such an awkward person, but they were probably either too insignificant or significant that I had to forget them. *oh my painful existence*



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