Reading addiction

I looooove to read, especially fiction. I love being transported to an entirely different world, to be vividly dreaming while being awake. :’)

When I reallyyy get absorbed into a book though (which is more often than you can imagine despite how picky I am with what I read), I’d skip meals, stay up till 6am, cut off all forms of social contacts and just dive myself into the book. People say reading in general is good for you, but my way of reading gets too intense even for myself. I’d feel dizzy and nauseous from the lack of sleep and food but still won’t be able to tear myself away from those pages. I wonder if it’s just me or are there many like me out there?

In the past, during the holidays, I would borrow 6-7 books from the library and devour them all in 1-2 weeks, transporting myself to another world after world after world. Now that I usually have commitments during the holidays though, I have managed to kept away from my uncontrollable reading…until now. I had some free time before an appointment and was browsing through some books at Kinokuniya, found myself reading some pages, returned the book and forgot about the title, somehow found myself googling for the book a few days later, stumbled upon more interesting books, and ended up downloading them to my ebook reader. D’:

…And so begins my efforts to keep up a normal/sane lifestyle while fulfilling my reading addiction.


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