Trampoline Park


Went all the way to River Valley (Amped Singapore) to jump around at a Trampoline Park today!

The price was $15 for an hour, and an additional $3 for grip socks. Quite pricey, but I had a lot of fun letting out the kid in me and just jumping around in the park.


There were quite a few activities to do, such as basketball, wobble squabble (trying to hit the other person with a huge bolster while balancing on a beam), diving pits, dodgeball area and obstacle/parkour areas. It also felt safe since mostly everything was soft enough to absorb your impact if you fall. However, I was also afraid of spraining my ankle/anywhere else because one misstep while sinking into the trampoline could easily do that.


I did manage to conquer quite a few fears, such as my fear of height by plunging into the diving pit. I felt my fear building up as I stared down into the pit, but just started counting 3…2…1…jump! And just dived in. It wasn’t painful at all, and wasn’t as scary as I thought it was. Sometimes I worry too much!

I was just planning to try this out once and not return again since it was rather expensive, but I had so much fun that I’d probably go back a second time!

PS: the place also provided one free bottle of iced water for each customer, which was much appreciated after an hour of jumping and sweating.


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