On Christmas Eve, my friend came over to pass me the gingerbread cookies she baked! I used to dislike gingerbread cookies, but today I discovered I suddenly liked them so much that I probably ate about 10 of them lolol. They taste so distinctly like Christmas…even though Christmas probably doesn’t have a fixed taste. Oddly, I’m not really in the Christmas-y mood as of yet. What is the Christmas-y mood anyway??

Also, Christmas this year is a complete 360 degrees difference from last year. I celebrated Christmas last year in Japan, somewhere in Osaka…my friends and I bought a bunch of groceries and cooked up two hotpots in the tiny AirBNB we were staying at. There were also fried chicken and Pablo cheese tarts! :’) gr8 times…

Every now and then I find myself looking back to the good times in Japan. I’m glad I knew back then how rare and fortunate I was to have had the chance to stay in Japan. And I knew how I’ll never be able to return to those times again. And I really really did try my hardest to appreciate every single day spent in Japan. :’D

~Back to the present!~

After my friend passed me the cookies and we ate some of my mum’s chicken wings, I went off to teach tuition and a turn of dramatic events happened making me feel like I’m a disappointment as a tutor and tears were threatening to sprout lol. But well, I did the best of what I could in that moment.

Then I returned home and worked on my thesis for about 2 hours…I was thinking of continuing on it tonight as well (which is actually now *coughs*)…but I’m procrastinating and I really really reallyyy want to read my book 😥 at the same time, I don’t want to finish my book so quickly (cause I just started on it a few hours ago during dinner and am halfway done with it already *cries*)

Knowledge is power is time is money! (just a memory to myself on the book I’m reading: it’s called Storm & Silence – future me please feel free re-read it again)

I plan to spend Christmas peacefully and cheap-ly with Mitch, cause I’m a scrooge like that. Oh yeah, watching Christmas-y shows is something else that makes me feel Christmas-y I guess. And listening to carols. (I’m not Christian nor catholic, so I don’t really celebrate Christmas! But I’m a present-lover, so…Mr. Father Christmas u r welcome through my windows-cause my-house-doesn’t-have-a-chimney anytime!)


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