I had a lovely Christmas today! :’) didn’t really expect much out of it cause Mitch and I never really made plans for it and it was sort of impromptu. We were going to go skateboarding, but it rained the whole day lol, so I brought my board out for nothing! I still had a super great time today though. It couldn’t have been better.


Look! We saw a family of caution signs gathering on Christmas too! *- * awwww


We cooked prawn aglio olio for dinner! It’s our first time cooking something together and even though Mitch was very lazy and unwilling to cook, I forced us to try it hehehe. It was possibly the best dish either of us has ever managed to whip up. It tasted legit like a restaurant’s prawn aglio olio (or better)!

We should’ve used less chilli though. I added one whole chilli more than what was recommended. And we used twice the amount of garlic recommended (we used about 16 garlic cloves which took 13493240 years to chop into tiny pieces)…i luv me some (lots of) garlic. We were also missing parsley, which could’ve taken the dish to new heights. But woohoo I’m so happy it was soo successful! I couldn’t stop praising our dish hehehe.

Click here for the recipe to prawn aglio olio!


We also had salad with sesame sauce! Yayyyy lotsa veges healthy healthy! (The aglio olio in contrast was pretty unhealthy because of all the oil and butter tho)


Finally…we melted semi-sweet choc chips with condensed milk, butter and water to make chocolate fondue! I think the choc chips could be switched to the dark chocolate bitter kind because the condensed milk itself is already pretty sweet. The thickness was quite light at first, but gradually got to the perfect consistency as it cooled down. I always wanted to make chocolate fondue…it was so easy and delicious (and sinful) but YAAAAAAAS this is what dreams are made of!!

Click here for the recipe to chocolate fondue (using choc chips and condensed milk)!


This is my Christmas present from Mitch! I’ve loved the Sylvanian Family since young…but I think they’re too overpriced and a waste of money so I kind of scolded Mitch when I received my gift T____T the money could’ve been spent on something more useful…!!! I still really love it though..and I love their victorian-ish clothing (except for the black cat’s…maybe that could be considered a sailor’s clothing?). They’re so cute but I’ve no idea what to do with them except to name them and move them around while making distinctly different voices for each of them and make up scandalous stories between the cats ‘- ‘    “Jessica’s cheating on you!!!111”

We also watched the movie called Begin Again, starring Keira Knightley and Adam Levine! It felt so indie and christmas-y and lovely. It was somehow the perfect movie to watch on Christmas! There’s this song called Lost Stars featured in the movie which is currently stuck in my head…linking it below! Mitch started playing the chords on his guitar and we sang along to it multiple times *- *

Today was such a great cooling day :)))) thanks for reading!


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