I’m going to write a book someday. I’ve no idea whether it’ll be fiction (most likely), factual, or ?????, but it’s one of my life goals to write an entire book.

I love writing. I love love love to write. But I’ve no idea why sometimes (more often than I prefer), it’s so tough to just sit down and create. Maybe staring at a blank white space just makes it all the more harder. Maybe it’s the difficulty in creating something out of nothing. But if it’s something I enjoy doing, why is it so tough???? Why does it sometimes feel tedious instead of enjoyable and inspirational??

It’s not like I don’t love writing enough.

Writing has come naturally to me since young (except it was real bad when I was young). Is it the expectations I hold in wanting to write something good, which is why I take so long to tediously force my way into goodness? Or is it something that’s naturally difficult to be consistent in? I. Have. No. Idea.

Maybe my 1-year-in-the-future self may know the answer after time has enlightened me. See you (me) in 2017!



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