End of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wowwww. I finally reached the end of this 30 day blogging challenge. I missed out on 2 days, once because I honestly forgot and was dead tired by the time I remembered while snug underneath my blankets (oops hehe). The second time was the day before my driving test when I couldn’t bring myself to type my thoughts in case I spilled out all my suppressed negative thoughts and jinxed myself lolol.

It’s been both enlightening and fun forcing myself to type out my thoughts/talk about something random every day. At first it was really difficult because I’ve accumulated so much thoughts in my head over time without blogging (I used to blog yearsss ago!) that they just go stuck within, but eventually it gradually got easier and thoughts seamlessly transferred into typing!

School’s gonna start in about a week, but I’ll probably try to keep up with blogging frequently because I really enjoy it :’) I’m also glad to have found some pretty interesting blogs that I follow and read often.

Today I met up with my Secondary school friends, and we reminisced a lot. I thought the meet-up will be awkward and unpleasant after not seeing each other for 6 years, but it was the total opposite. Well it was still slightly awkward, but I’m really glad I went! We talked about all kinds of things, such as the teachers we had, our (in)famous discipline mistress, how different/similar we are, and other people from our class. We plan to go to a club/clubs sometime soon! I’m excited (to jump like a crazy girl while attempting sexy hair flips)!!

Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. I’m caught between going out to party and staying at home and resting. I feel real tired and don’t think I could last till midnight amidst the crazy crowds. But at the same time I want to make full use of my free time (and youth) left before school starts and not act like a tired old person. Someone help me from this dilemma!

Anyway, I have tuition again tomorrow afternoon (yup, tuition on new year’s eve!! poor kids. poor me. but I gotta earn dat dough), so I should probably sleep early! It has been a fruitful December and this challenge sort of recorded parts of it down for me. Thank you! šŸ™‚

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