Strange dream

I had a super elaborate and strange dream which I think could be made into a music video :OO Here’s what happened:

– – –

I was sleeping on a bed at a bus stop and was feeling sooo tired, and this random guy came to sleep on the bed too and his feet were in my face. And he kicked me and I went to hug him(???).

The bed was somehow transported to his bedroom, and we both got up. He said he was married, and his wife was outside in the living room (so apparently this guy sleeps around a lot). I was horrified and was like “oh nooo what have I done!!”

I quickly had to get away from this house quickly before the wife saw me. But I needed to go to the toilet, and while I was sitting on the toilet bowl, the guy’s wife and their children and entire extended family barged into the toilet and wanted to scold/hit me.

I frantically ran out of the house and couldn’t find my shoes, so I wore this pair of brown strappy sandals and got out of the flat. I started wandering around the neighbourhood not recognizing where I was. Then I came upon a bunch of temples with many layers of stairs. I saw a girl sitting at the stairs and she looked up at me. She saw my shoes and shorts and told me I was wearing her shoes and shorts and that she wanted me to take it off. (So this girl was the guy’s daughter too!)

I sought shelter at the temple which gave me a cloth to wrap around my waist with, and a pair of cloth shoes as well, so I took off my previous shorts and shoes and handed it to the girl.

Suddenly, I became a third person looking at a black and white TV from outside the temple, while the me who was inside the TV/temple was singing a Florence and The Machine song (“Blinding”).

“No more dreaming like a girl so in love so in love.” She sang.

The me inside the TV then turned into the lead singer Florence. There were scenes that flashbacked to her past, of her being with different guys in different beds. And now she has decided to abandon all of those guys and finally be independent. Because of that, she’s now recognized as a famous singer.

– – – End of dream. – – –

I have no idea what this means for me lol (if it means anything at all). But I do recognize a lot of important elements that I have been stressing over. One of them being that I have had a rocky relationship with my boyfriend recently and I have been yearning to be single, yet I’m afraid to make a mistake I can’t undo. Hopefully clarity will come soon.

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