Yesterday, as I started my first day of school (on my last semester before I graduate), and entered a class filled with mostly strangers, I felt quite sad from the thought of having to spend my school days mostly alone. 😥 none of my close friends in psych are taking the same modules as me…and what once felt like home to me (yup, school used to feel like home to me. Also cause I stayed there for a few years) now feels more alien.

There’ll also be a few group projects in my class so I don’t know how I’m gonna find a group that’ll take me in considering most people have their own friends already. But if I managed to survive, and even enjoy classes alone in Cog Neuro last sem, I can do it in Positive Psych this sem!! So…gambatte to myself!

Today, I went to primary english tuition with a game plan. I came up with this game whereby the students will be split into 2 groups, and each group has to take turns to write a sentence on the whiteboard to continue the narrative story according to the first sentence I wrote. I only had 3 students today, so I had to improvise and made each person take turns to write a sentence on the board to continue the story.

I was so afraid they might find it lame (they’re at the 12-year-old puberty stage), but they really enjoyed it, and towards the end of the class they were even asking me friendly questions to try to get to know me better :’))) one of them even commented that today was fun. *sobs* this happiness/fulfillment from knowing that the students had fun while learning has lasted me from the afternoon till now (it’s 11pm+ at the moment). :’D

Previously I only made them do their work normally, and even though I tried to chat with them occasionally, it was just an ask-and-reply sort of conversation. I’m so glad I tried this today! The naughty, chatty boy didn’t come today though, so I’m not sure if I will be as successful the next week when he returns. D: I want to make learning fun and fruitful. I don’t know how long this can last though, because doing the same activity each week might still be tiring after awhile? Or would it still beat doing work the traditional manner? I’ve been trying to brainstorm a few ideas and even got the students to submit the ideas to me.

I was also thinking of trying this activity out with the secondary english class, but I’m not sure if it might be too kiddy a game for them. We’ll see how it goeeees!





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