Creating a Good Day.

The task for my positive psychology class this week was to create a good day.

What makes a good day for you?

A good day for me would be a day when I wake up early (7am?), feeling refreshed. I would have enough time to brush my teeth, rinse my face, then eat cereal (maybe a combination of muesli and those with the marshmallows as a cheat) while watching some motivational videos. I’d go out with my skateboard to skate down slopes and practise some tricks (without chickening out). The sound of the wheels rolling through the streets would echo softly through cool crisp air while the shy sun hides behind clouds (the non-threatening-not-rainy kind). I’d preferably be able to practise with Mitch for a couple of hours.

After a good skate session, we’d go eat a good meal (with veges!) and drink our current favourite honey green tea bubbletea (aka boba). We’d sit around and cool down and talk about life. And I’d go home to have a refreshing bath after all that sweating.

By then, it would be around 4pm. I could meet with a friend or Mitch to watch a movie or sit around at home and watch youtube or something lol. Or I could practise on my keyboard, or read a really good book.

If I’m at Mitch’s we’d cook a delicious and healthy dinner 😀 or I’d finally be able to try his baked cheese pasta! We’d talk a lot more about random stuff and then I’d get home, feeling tired but fulfilled, and fall into an effortlessly deep sleep before 12am.

Yup. That’d be a good day indeed. :’D


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