“You can free yourself when you trade your expectations for appreciation.”

I was stressing a lot about going back to data collection again when Monday was coming around, and I was so worried about not hitting my goal of 2-3 participants a day that I couldn’t even sleep well the night before and kept waking up in the middle of the night.

On the bus to the hospital I was listening to an inspirational podcast and the guy mentioned the quote above. Trading our expectations for appreciation. Instead of constantly stressing about the future/things that don’t even exist yet, I should appreciate what I currently already have instead. Instead of worrying about not being able to get enough participants for my thesis, I should be feeling grateful that I’m one of the few who’s able to do my study on clinical patients and getting lots of interaction time with them.

At that moment, when I realized that, my mind almost instantly cleared and all the fuzzy frustrations were gone. Of course, that only lasted for awhile before I went back to my constant-worry mode again.

It’s not something I can instantly learn, but I need to continuously remind myself that the bad what-if’s are all just in my head. I can’t let me thoughts keep controlling me. I need to control my thoughts!


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