First stomach flu

I always prided myself on having a strong stomach. I usually eat reheated food and expired food all the time (as long as they didn’t smell bad) and would feel fine. I’ve eaten 3 months expired bread before and felt great. (At the most, I’d get diarrhoea for a couple of hours and feel completely fine again after that).

On Sunday, I woke up early, went for a jog around the reservoir, went home and did some work, felt great and went to sleep. From 3am onwards though, I started feeling nauseous (not sure how I could feel it in my sleep lol) and dizzy. Awhile later, I felt so nauseous that I had to get up and out and look for a plastic bag to puke in (cause I prefer that to the toilet bowl lol).

I thought that’d be the last of it cause I felt better after puking, but little did I know that it was only the beginning of my puked-six-times-in-a-day record. I actually had to think really hard about it before calling off going to IMH for data collection lol. In retrospect, I couldn’t have even gone out of the house because all my energy was put into suppressing myself from vomiting. ;_ ;

The first day, I only managed to drink a little water and eat 3 spoonfuls of porridge, but they all came out in the end anyway. Towards the end of the day I was just vomiting out gross looking water because I didn’t have anything left to expel. D: I was in so much pain (partly from jogging for the first time after 1234234 months) and couldn’t eat/drink/do work/play/rest (because if I laid down I’d feel worse without the aid of gravity keeping my stomach contents where they belonged)

On the second day, I still felt really sick, so I finally decided to see the doctor. The doctor said it was stomach flu. It could be contracted from someone, or from contaminated food. I managed to eat a few spoonfuls of porridge AND keep it down this time. Also could keep the medicine down which really helped.

I’m on my fourth day now. Still cycling between periods of intense hunger and nausea. I can eat about 1/5 of my meal now lol.

I’m actually really surprised at how good the body is at surviving even though what I’ve eaten the past 4 days combined isn’t enough for even 1 of my regular meals. We are actually capable of eating so much lesser :O (I love eating tho so I wouldn’t want to subject myself to 1/5 of my meals all the time)

Not having enough energy and still feeling weak from stomach flu but having to do work suckssss. But I’m gonna try my best to finish my readings today!!


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