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It’s my first day being 23 today.

The night before, for the first time in 23 years, my younger siblings surprised me with a slice of cake and lighted candles at midnight. :’) I also received birthday messages from various people, ranging from those whom I’ve made random convo with, to those closest to my heart. Honestly…I never really felt like birthdays were anything special. They were just another day to me.

And today did seem like a normal, simple day for me – I slept super late the night before (3.30am!!) searching for accommodations for my next overseas trip, and went to teach at tuition centre in the afternoon, followed by a project meeting on Skype.

But this year…maybe it’s because it’s the first time in a looong time that my birthday doesn’t fall on Chinese new year, but I really felt so loved. Every birthday wish, even from the people whom I rarely talk to but dared to approach them those few times, really touched my heart. It kind of represented my life so far/in recent times, the people whom I’ve met from different fields of life, at different points in my timeline.

Anyway, I had some free time in the evening, so I planned to go to this stargazing event by the ArtScience Museum. But since the project meeting ended earlier than expected, I remembered how I reallyyyy wanted to go to the Cat Museum, but didn’t have time to (since they only open from Fri-Sun, for 3 hours, from  4-7pm or 1.30-3.30pm sometimes), I thought today would be a good chance to go!

Mitch bought my favourite handmade muah chee from toa payoh. I recognized it straight away cause I only know of this stall that sells muah chee with black sesame! It was squished already from his bag, but still delicious!! I really love the flavor of the shallots, which normal muah chee doesn’t have.


Placing our shoes in the locker at the cat museum!


Nomnom time! The cat on the right went to sleep right after eating lol. #catlife


The darker cat was playing with some beads of cat litter underneath the carpet. The white cat is like ‘wot r u doin??’ hahahaha.


Mitch coddling a cat! I tried to do it with a cat but I didn’t have enough experience to quickly put it into the comfortable laying-down position ;- ; so they always run away in lightspeed 😦


The snoozing cat finally woke up!


One of the cats I might have scared from trying to put it into the laying-down position ;- ; I really liked this one too…sorry cat!! T_T Mitch went to comfort it and it almost fell asleep on his lap!


Cats and boxes…


Cat team meeting on how to catch the suspicious flying object!

I really enjoyed being there. We were there from 5-7pm and felt that was just enough time to explore all 3 floors and just sit around and play with the different cats on each floor. Most of them are up for adoption, the entrance fees go to caring for the cats, and the staff there are all volunteers. Pretty interesting concept of a cat cafe/museum + shelter/adoption centre!


More birthday presents from Mitch! The cat card he got me was super coincidental cause he didn’t know we were gonna play with cats today. Awwww…:’)

He also got me the poppin’ cookin’ DIY fake sushi! I rmb making it with eileen before. Excited to try it again!!

For dinner, we decided (spontaneously) to eat at Saveur, which was just next door to The Cat Museum. (They’re all around Purvis Street, nearest MRT Station Bugis). I always wanted to try eating there!! But the queue was really long when I went a few years ago, so I didn’t. Today, on a Saturday night (7pm+), the place was actually pretty empty. It could be because they opened a few branches around singapore?

The food was really good for the price. One of the best (western) meals I’ve had for a looong time! It’s kind of a french fusion restaurant.


Got their Saveur Pasta as a starter. $4.90. It consists of: Capellini w chilli oil, finely-chopped konbu, topped w minced pork sauce, chives & sakura ebi.

This tasted like pasta + some chinese pork noodles had a baby and evolved into something super duper delicious. It also filled our tummies considering the mains were kinda tiny. And I get why it’s a starter. The flavour was quite strong and salty (like indo mee with x2 seasoning lol), and tastes incredible like a one-punch knockout, but might be too much (get jelat) as a full meal.


This was what Mitch ordered. Seabass: Pan-seared potato, crab meat, vichy carrot and caper vinaigrette. $15.90. The potatoes were def my favourite. They tasted like the green can of Pringles chips with sour cream & onion. I much prefer cod to seabass, so I’d try cod if they have it on their menu (maybe in a different branch)!


Woohoo! This was what I got. :’D Duck Confit: Mashed potato, sauteed mushrooms and orange segment. $14.90. I rly rly rly loved the duck. It tasted like fried chicken, fried to ultimate perfection and with just the right amount of oil, not too little or too oily. The oranges refreshed the palate in contrast to the savory flavors of duck and potato. And I loved the mashed potato too. It had the perfect amount of butter/milk. Mushrooms were so-so.

Would very much love a bigger portion of duck and potatoes 😥

Overall, we spent about $20+ per person after gst+tax. I’d say it’s worth it for how delicious the food was. :’D definitely coming back again!!


We then went to Nunsongyee at Bugis since mitch hasn’t tried bingsu before! We ordered the Injeolmi Bingsu, which consisted of roasted soy bean powder, mochi and almond nuts on a bed of finely shaved milky ice (more like snow)!

Really sinful but pleasurable and refreshing! Also really expensive. $14.90. I could buy a second duck confit with the money. T_T But well, we enjoyed ourselves and I got to introduce mitch to something new!


We tried adding the muah chee that Mitch bought (mentioned at beginning of post) to the bingsu cause we were running out of soybean powder hehe. The muah chee with the peanut sauce tasted great with the snow, but the flavors of the black sesame clashed against the snow.

Overall, even though pretty much the whole evening was impromptu and spontaneously decided-on-the-spot, we had a pretty great day! I’m happy! :’D


This morning, one of the birthday messages from my friend really made me stop and think about my life right now. She said that she’s happy that I managed to find a significant other in school because I sound like I’m having a lot of fun now.

And I was thinking…my circumstances have indeed drastically changed since I entered university (almost) 4 years ago. I used to be really shy, disliked myself, didn’t have much faith in myself and literally shunned from people in a not so nice manner. I also felt down, moody, depressed and broody a looooot. I’d spend my time reposting emo shit on twitter and tumblr, reading emo books, crying, dreaming, thinking about emo quotes etc. (By emo I mean things that make me go into a brooding, depressed state of mind) I mean, it definitely is alright to do such things,  but…I did too much of those. I was also forever hung up over my ex, and that went on for a long, looong time.

I doubt that it’s because I have a boyfriend that I’m having a lot of fun. I mean, he’s definitely a big part of my happiness, but before I met him, I was already changing and improving, and I believe it’s because of all the ways I grew, that I’ve managed to meet and befriend the people I have met now. (I mean, it’s also cause I stopped posting negative stuff online so frequently whenever bad things happened, so it’s hard to see anything visibly negative in my life from my almost-all-positive snapchats and social media posts) And that’s why receiving messages from the people who wished me happy birthday today was like having flashbacks to those different points of my life before different parts of me have changed.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but I’m going to enjoy it to my bestest. And I’m so proud of myself to have come this far and watch myself grown. Like…if I had a guardian angel he’d be cutting off his hair to make me angel hair pasta right now. :’)

Thank you, to all the people I’ve come across in my life…even if it was just a passing conversation we had…in that moment, all my attention (hopefully) was focused on you, and thus each tiny person has somehow affected my life, in some way.


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