Woah. It’s been awhile since I last blogged!

Amidst my absence, I’ve been trying to maximize my time by doing lots of work and also lots of play, but I overestimated myself and my body because I fell sick not long after 😦 by playing and working a lot, I had to sacrifice my sleep, which I thought I could forego like how some people seem to do but…well, turns out sleep is vital for me. ;_ ; I need at least 9 hours of sleep a day!

Photo 28-2-17, 3 03 40 PM-1
Eileen made this pasta for us during data collection at her house!

I went down with a fever during data collection at Eileen’s house one day. I felt better after resting for 30mins, but the illness kind of lingered around. I had a really bad sore throat (it hurt to even yawn and for the first time I felt the pain of not being able to give a full, satisfying yawn) which lasted for daaaays and even my trusty sore throat medicine could not heal my throat. I also had a headache for close to a week and a blocked nose so I couldn’t taste and enjoy food properly. 😦

By the end of the week, I lost my voice (the doc said the infection was so bad it spread to my vocal chords) too. (Imagine teaching tuition without a voice!! I can’t keep those kids quiet without giving away even more of my lost voice!) My cough also became progressively worse and woke me up in my sleep countless times lol.

Photo 28-2-17, 10 42 28 PM-1
My ‘dinner’ at midnight. Oatmeal and milk by Eileen! I don’t drink plain milk AT ALLLL but strangely, I really enjoyed this.

I decided I couldn’t live like that any longer, and dragging it would only make the situation worse, so I went to see the doctor (should’ve done that sooner hehe)! After taking some antibiotics and cough medicine (my most hated syrup – actually I dislike all syrup forms of medication cause they’re kinda disgustingly sweet lol), I’m finally (ok, not yet) almost back to health!!!! And mentally, I feel a lot better too. Being physically sick just takes away my motivation and makes me want to rest all the time (and yet not rest because I’d feel bad…and in the end I’d feel physically worse). So I’m glad that I’m (almost) back to normal.

I have quite some stuff I want to blog about, like the science centre trip, reflection of data collection, and of the arab festival afiqah invited me to! But that’ll be for another time.

For now, know that I’m almost done with data collection (actually, my prof told us that we gotta continue collecting more after thesis submission to attempt for publishing). But I’m really really behind time (as expected, because we started late), so I gotta quickly code the data, analyse the data, and write out my thesis!!

(I’m also having a mental conflict with myself on whether I should abandon my positive psych readings for now and go back to them after I’m done with thesis submissions ‘- ‘…)

Also, I feel extra physically crappy because I haven’t exercised or skated in weeeeeks (what with being sick and all). 😦 might go skating sometime this week…just gotta find the time and block out a slot for my personal de-stress time. 😀

Aaaaand, I’m also feeling not so satisfied with myself because I’m not really ‘enjoying’ my last weeks of being in uni (before I graduate). I thought I could enjoy more after thesis submission (April), but now that I know I still need to go for data collection after April, I won’t have much time either after submissions. 😦 so…appreciation for being an undergraduate needs to start now!

This doesn’t seem like a positive post at all. In fact, it’s full of negativity lol. But, you know, it helps to be real with ourselves and confront our problems. That, I believe, is also part of positivity (albeit a not so obvious part)!


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