On chasing happiness.

I used to have the mindset of: “I will be happy if I (insert accomplishment here)”.

I will be happy if I did well for my A Levels, if I got to a good university, if I had a loving boyfriend, if I could sing well, if I became rich…

I did well for my A Levels. I got to a good university. I have a loving boyfriend. (though I can’t sing well and I’m not rich yet LOL).

Awhile after those accomplishments though, the euphoria and excitement fades. They all feel part and parcel, the usual things ‘to be expected’ from life now. The truth is…we cannot attain lasting happiness if we bet our happiness solely on our successes.

Life is always going to be full of obstacles and milestones to reach, and if we think happiness is at the end of the last milestone, well let me tell you this: there will never be a “last” milestone (perhaps until our deaths). We will always be faced with challenges and trials, well into old age and retirement and into our death beds.

Is lasting happiness impossible and elusive for us then?

No!!! Instead of waiting for the external world to be more positive for us, I believe there are definitely tiny things we can do for ourselves, to change our mindsets from within to view the world itself more positively.

And we can do that by taking time to find meaning in what we do, to be helpful, be grateful, be mindful each day. By doing so, we find that happiness easily comes along, even while we are chasing success and facing difficult trials.

The best part about this is that even without obtaining great success, we can already be happy.


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