I had a really strangely detailed dream. I only vaguely recalled it when I woke up in the morning, but I suddenly remember most of it now (it’s midnight now, so it came back to me more than 12hours later) :O!

I dreamt that I was in this sandy/desert-like place with old, run-down buildings, but still housed with people. The place looked like a war was going on. This girl and I wanted to quickly get out of this place before the situation worsened, so we hurriedly headed to the border of the country, feeling really fearful of everything around us.

At the border, there’s a dark tunnel leading to the more peaceful (at least that’s what I felt about it in my dream) neighbouring country on the other side. A female guard was posted at the entrance of the tunnel, and when we reached her, we passed her our passports.

She snatched the passports, took a quick glance at them, and told us we could move on to the other side of the tunnel. But she didn’t return our passports back to us. I had a bad feeling then and was wondering why she didn’t return them. Wouldn’t we need it in the future as well?? But seeing how fierce the female guard looked, we cowered and moved on, walking through the dark tunnel to the other end.

When we came out, behind some walls made from piles of bags of sand, was an open clearing with random bodies tied up and curled up on the ground and several soldiers with guns surrounding them. They were going to be killed. At this point, it was obvious…we knew it was a trap. We wouldn’t have needed our passports back because we were gonna be killed at the end of the tunnel anyway.

But the guards on this other side haven’t noticed us yet, so we quickly hid behind a wall sandbags. A guard (with really keen hearing I might add) heard a sound coming from us while we were trying to hide, and started walking towards us. It turned out that the girl beside me possessed some magical power, so she said some incantation just in time to turn us invisible to the soldier. Unfortunately, it could only last for a few seconds, and the soldier was still staring and scanning at the spot where we were. At this point, we were seriously panicking and all I could think about was how this was the end.

….And that was when my alarm rang, and I woke up. *scary* (I wouldn’t have liked to sleep longer to find out what happened next either, although I’m kind of curious!)


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