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End of Undergraduate Life / Xiao Long Bao Buffet / Natural History Museum / Art Book Festival

Photo 17-4-17, 11 12 50 AM-1Photo 17-4-17, 3 28 29 PM-1

Wow, I can’t believe it. After 4 years as a psychology major at the National University of Singapore, I’ve finally graduated! I think these 4 years were one of the best periods of my entire education life, one which allowed me to learn academically while mature personally through my interactions with others.

There certainly have been many tough times, from my social ineptness to my academic failures, to my failure in grabbing opportunities. And it is through all these hard times which have pushed and prodded me to growĀ in many aspects and ways. But this is just the beginning – I still have a long way to go and can never stop improving on myself. (First, I need to look for a job!! The economy is so bad I have no idea how I’m going to find one)

Photo 26-4-17, 8 12 27 PM-1

After my final paper, I went to eat xiao long bao buffet at the only place in Singapore which offers it – Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao! It’s at Holland village.

Photo 26-4-17, 8 39 36 PM-2Photo 26-4-17, 8 41 53 PM-3

We ate so much xiao long bao that I don’t think I can eat them anymore for the next….half a year lol. I love their la mian noodles, it reminded me of Ippudo ramen noodles! Very hakata-ish. Everything was an unlimited buffet, from the xiao long bao to the noodles to the other ingredients, soup and drinks!

We ordered tomato and mala for the soup base. The tomato soup tasted super fragrant, I loved adding vegetables into it! But meat didn’t taste so great with it. The meat blended really well with the mala soup though, which wasn’t that spicy!


Photo 26-4-17, 8 44 41 PM-4

These tiny mantous (crispy buns) were only about an inch long! They were really crispy, slightly sweet and super scrumptious!

It cost around $30 per pax for weekday dinner. There are several sessions for the buffet: 5pm-6.30pm, 6.45pm-8.15pm, 8.30pm-10pm. You can go earlier to write your name down and reserve seats for the session you want. We went for the 8.30pm-10pm session! 1.5 hours to eat a buffet felt just slightlyyy rushed though, cause I eat quite slow and like to savour my food ;- ; But we managed to try everything we wanted in time.

As for dessert, I really loved the osmanthus jelly! There was just a subtle hint of flavour, not overpowering, which made it taste authentic and not off-putting. Quite refreshing after eating all that oily stuff!

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

A couple of days ago, we went to the LKCNHM! I always wanted to go there before I graduated (because NUS students and staff have discount hehe).

We initially planned to go to Dialogue in The Dark, but they had some meeting and couldn’t accommodate us ;- ; luckily, it was just a couple of bus stops away from the LKCNHM!

Photo 28-4-17, 3 33 25 PM-5

A replica of the Rafflesia!

Photo 28-4-17, 3 33 34 PM-6

The place was quite empty and dark (except for tours with primary school students), which was apt for what they were showcasing. I was personally horrified (yet secretly amazed) looking at cells (they just make me feel itchy!) and many many dead insects, plants and animals, most of which have paled into a terrible corpse-y colour because of the solution they were stored in.

Photo 28-4-17, 3 40 27 PM-7

This was cool though! A real dinosaur skeleton! It’s a little crazy looking up at this 3-4 storeys high creature and imagine that it used to walk on this earth. It helps make sense of all my fear and wonder towards dinosaurs. (Yup, I’m crazy scared of dinosaurs, they’re the only nightmares I get. No ghosts or anything, just..dinosaurs chasing me T__T)

Photo 28-4-17, 3 41 23 PM-8

An actual piece of a meteorite which fell on earth!!

Photo 28-4-17, 3 41 27 PM-9

Touching a dinosaur’s bone!

I like how this museum allows us to touch certain cool things we’d normally never get to touch.

Photo 28-4-17, 3 50 33 PM-10

Kabuto! /pokemon nerd/

Photo 28-4-17, 3 54 47 PM-11

Section which grossed me out the most yet I also couldn’t stop looking ‘- ‘

Photo 28-4-17, 4 09 28 PM-12

A whale shark (I think) which washed up on our shores a few years ago. Looking up into its rows of teeth filled me with awe and relief that whale sharks don’t eat humans.

Singapore Art Book Fair 2017 @ Gillman Barracks

Made an impromptu trip today to this local art book fair with eileen! I honestly was expecting to just look at pretentious art books, but came out from the fair really inspired and filled with respect for these people who spend all their time (most projects take about a year, and done alone) and effort into creating.

Seeing them so proud of their work, looking so fulfilled, makes me want to create too. Yup, I need to consume less, and create more! (Although without consumers, there can’t be creators ‘- ‘)

Photo 30-4-17, 2 23 41 PM-13Photo 30-4-17, 2 35 49 PM-14

There was also a family who created a zine/scrap book thing out of drawings their children (8 and 13 years old I think) did, and they were filled with really cute and funny personal commentaries, pictures of things they like, and events which happened in their daily lives. I love how they had fun with it all the way. Their parents also said they wouldn’t force them to become artists, and wanted them to make art the way their children enjoy it.

Photo 30-4-17, 2 36 03 PM-15Photo 30-4-17, 3 15 56 PM-18

It was pretty crowded at the event, and most people seemed really interested in the books. Eileen bought two of them! One of which I also wanted to buy, but because of my cheapskate-ness, I decided to just borrow from her instead.

Photo 30-4-17, 3 09 33 PM-17Photo 30-4-17, 2 55 14 PM-16

The book on the left was what I borrowed from her. The one on the right is something I might buy in the future. It’s filled with a quote/short passage for daily inspirational reading. I love these kinds of daily things, cause I believe it’s important to consistently work at/feel something, instead of simply experiencing it once and then forgetting about it later.

Photo 30-4-17, 3 22 04 PM-20Photo 30-4-17, 3 38 12 PM-21

Photo 30-4-17, 3 19 38 PM-19

There were artists from all over the world as well. This guy is from Vietnam!

Photo 30-4-17, 3 21 42 PM-22

Eileen secretly took this picture of me lol. (And yes, my hair is too black and long and thick, I feel the need to do something to it!!) It’s interesting cause we were unknowingly a wall of women lined up, reading the zines that were stuck on the strings.

After that, we went to Queensway shopping centre cause my trusty sports shoes broke (it followed all the way to 3 different countries with me ;- ; and hiked up 3-4 mountains) and I wanted to look for a new pair. Took pictures of several I liked, will be going back there next time to get a pair!

We also went to try avocado milkshake from ABC brickworks market & food centre. It’s been yearsss since I had a good avocado milkshake! The one we got had gula melaka in it, which made the milkshake taste sooo good. (I don’t actually like the taste of avocado hehe). Can’t wait to go back there to drink it again :’D

Yup! So these were the things I’ve been up to the past few days. Oh, I’ve also been ice skating a lot more (inspired by yuri on ice), which I guess is great exercise for me. It keeps me happy! Alright, cya next time!

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