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Japan Day 1: Osaka

ただいま。I’m back in Japan after a year *____*!! 
So much nostalgia getting lost in train stations, buying my favorite conbini food (convenience store food) 😭😭😭, laughing at box-shaped cars and walking into any shop knowing the food will be *at least* decent :’)
Feeling pretty exhausted after an 8-hour flight, problems transporting our skateboards and having problems at the immigration because we’re staying at an airbnb. 

We ate tsukemen at a random place which smelled nice from the outside (and had quite a number of people at 8pm+ considering it’s in a local neighborhood). 

Mitch said it’s the best first meal we could have had in Japan hahaha. It was pretty unhealthy but soo delicious. Also my first time eating tsukemen. You dip the thick chewy noodles into a concentrated soup base!


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