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Japan Day 2: Osaka (Osaka castle, Ichiran ramen, Umeda sky building)

Our breakfast for today! I usually have yogurt, vitamin C drink and either sea chicken onigiri (aka tuna onigiri lol no idea why they call it sea chicken) or melon bread!

Went skating around Osaka today. It was quite tiring but I had loads of fun!

Some random traditional looking place on the way to Osaka castle.

Mitarashi dango! Bought it on the way to Osaka castle. It’s been awhile since I ate dango. The last time I tried it, I didn’t really like it. But I enjoy it a lot more now.The majestic Osaka castle! This is actually my second time visiting it but walking through the “museum” within and absorbing the stories of hideyoshi felt good :’)A view of the moat from the top of the castle.They had these cool holographic looking people on screens acting out the life of hideyoshi!

We bought a coin at Osaka castle and inscribed our names in!Sakura soft cream! It tasted slightly salty and quite flowery.My favorite ramen in the world!! Ichiran ramen. I ordered 2x garlic and it boosted the flavor into a 11/10!

Had takoyaki here, it’s along dotonbori street. I found it too soft for my liking but it’s quite popular and had long queues.Kushikatsu! Deep fried skewers. This was my first time eating it.

The menu was all in Japanese so we had trouble understanding it, but I ordered two pork, two chicken, one beef and one mochi skewer. I think my favorite was the pork, and the mochi was pretty good and something I’ve never tried before!Made a trip to the Umeda sky building at night (they close quite late, at 10pm) to see the nighttime view of the city. It cost 1000yen to go up to the 50th floor. I’d say it’s worth it as the view was amazing. The river/sea, bridges and not so tall buildings made the view really beautiful. I’m glad I went up there!


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