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Japan Day 3: Osaka (Street food)

Our third day in Japan! This is what we ate for breakfast!First errand of the day was to go to a post office half an hour away to collect our wifi device. They couldn’t give it to me because my name isn’t registered in the house…so they told me they would redeliver it again today and that I had to return to the airbnb to wait for the postman to come. T.T and all that was communicated through Japanese *cries*

That’s one thing I don’t like about being in Japan…all the strictness which makes things inefficient sometimes. We got back to the airbnb at 4pm+ and thank goodness we found the parcel in the mailbox! The mailman delivered it while we were away even though the counter person told me I had to be there to receive the package in person. So thankful for that, or else we would have a lot of trouble as we’ll be leaving Osaka in 2 days.

Ate tsukemen at expo city again! Omg I really need to eat healthier…I haven’t eaten much vegetables or fruits since I came. ;- ; eating healthily outside is soo difficult especially in Japan…Ate Luke’s lobster at Shinsaibashi! It was quite pricey, about 1060 yen for this tiny lobster sandwich. But the toasted buttery bread with the thick chunks of lobster made it worth the money. It’s something I can’t eat too much of though as it tastes too rich for me lol (jelat).Gyozaaa from Osaka ohsho! They have branches back in Singapore, and the flavor is quite similar, but this was freshly handmade which made it taste more delicious. It cost about 240 yen for 6 gyoza (260yen if you takeaway). We bought two sets hehe cause we loveeee gyoza.This shop is called “World’s second best freshly baked melon pan ice cream”. The hot, crispy, sweet melon bread paired with cold ice cream made the perfect dessert, and on a chilly night. We almost wanted to buy one more lol. They close at 8pm be sure to go earlier!I can’t go back to eating conbini melon pan after trying freshly baked ones *-*This will stay in my sweet mems for awhile!


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