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Japan Day 4: Osaka (Universal Studios Japan)

Our last day in Osaka. We went to USJ! The weather was not too cold nor hot, and it didn’t rain at all, which was perfect!I love the atmosphere in all the universal studios. They make me feel free and happy lol.Queued for jaws ride! The guide was super duper entertaining and good at acting, I’m so amazed.Roar! This was our lunch. It was quite pricey at around 1500 yen (with a drink), but food in amusement parks are always more expensive. The chicken and fries were surprisingly pretty good too.This ride…it was in the kids section of usj so I thought this would be a simple pirate ship, until I was in the queue and saw the ship started to spin sideways and round, sort of like a skatebord on a half pipe. 

It surprised me lolol and I was the only one screaming and the elementary school kids around us turned around to look at me T.TIs this really what New York looks like?? In my head this place looks more like London! Gotta take a photo of myself with the place hehe.The newly opened minion park! It was reallyyyyyy crowded and I never watched the minion movies (cries) so I wasn’t as hyped up to queue for the rides there.Look at the sun rays! The sight was so so beautiful! I’m thankful I was there to witness it :’)Came across the nighttime view as well on the way to the toilet before leaving the park. We also laid on the grass field near the parade square and just looked at…clouds (there were not many stars).After we left the park at 8+pm, we took awhile to decide on a place to eat at because all the queues were reallyyyyyy long and the food were all so expensive! We were both quite hangry but I didn’t want to anyhow spend my money at a random place just because I was hungry.We decided in this place called Umai katsu…which means delicious katsu. And it was delicious indeed. I could feel the dark clouds in my stomach turn into rainbows as I ate this lol.Oh yeah, we also tried ice blended butterbeer at Harry Potter! I kind of wanted to try the hot one again, but they didn’t sell it (despite the slightly chilly temperatures). The ice blended one was quite good though! I remember the cold one just tasted like root beer, but this ice blended one tasted wayyyy better.Ending with a shot of me having so much magical power that I can use a churro to cast a spell! Abracadabra.


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