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Japan Day 5: Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine)

We checked into our Kyoto airbnb today. Kyoto is just about 30mins away from Osaka, but it’s a lot more rural. (there’s also a lot more bugs)

We went to this sushi shop called “kurazushi” near our airbnb, and were amazed by how good it was!! Apparently they have several branches in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo!

Matcha green tea! I don’t usually like those sold outside as they come with milk, but this tastes like normal green tea which I like.Some sushi we got!This is my favorite!! Grilled cheese on ebi (prawn). I don’t like raw fish so cooked stuff like that are a blessing :’) Our airbnb has bikes for us to ride to the station!

You could play this gachapon game at the sushi place where if you insert 5 plates into a slot, you’ll get a chance to win something from the gachapon (ball) machine! We had 3 tries (15 plates) and managed to win a gintama tape!!!!

We went to the fushimi inari taisha (shrine)! It’s my favorite shrine out of all the temples/shrines in Kyoto. It’s free and it’s said that there are fox deities protecting their god and they eat inari (tofu)!The proper way to cleanse our body and minds at the temples.The back of the tori gates have company names with the date to show that they donated money for a gate. I tried this tofu ice cream nearby the shrine. It really tasted like tofu and it was pretty good!We went into a random udon shop near our apartment. The menu was all in Japanese so i took awhile in explaining it to mitch lol and didn’t know most of the terms myself.I ordered nishin udon which means herring udon! It was slightly sweet and so so delicious! I think it was stewed for quite awhile so even the bones could be easily eaten, which made the meal quite pleasant.

I didn’t know medium size was that big (small, medium and large portions are all the same prices) when I ordered and had a shock lol. I managed to finish this in the end with the help of mitch hehe.


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