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Japan Day 6: Nara (Deer park, Todaiji Temple)

Our breakfast for today!Dressed korean-ish today instead of my usual Japanese-ish wear. Interesting how I didn’t get mistaken for Japanese and was spoken to in English most of the time when I dressed like that (compared to most days when I blended in as a Japanese lol)Had lunch at coco ichibanya! Compared to Singapore, the curry was less thick which I like, but the flavor and quality was basically the same. It’s definitely a lot cheaper in Japan, about 700+ yen. Also, just realized that their curry rice contains 2 bowls of rice. That’s a lot of rice lol and I can’t believe I managed to finish most of it.I found the squid drawings very amusing hahahaha lol.A real owl outside an owl cafe!! It was so cute and peaceful!Deer senbei (crackers) sold at Nara at 150 yen for us to feed the deer.Can you spot the turtles and pigeons?Spent some time stroking the deer (although ironically I was being chased by a few and they bit my shirt twice lol) till they almost fell asleep. I feel honored to be allowed to touch such majestic and peaceful animals :’) 

More and more deer also came to sit around us and this one (pic above) sat in front of us as if wanting us to touch it. Being able to stroke them really made my day. A shop with buckets of water for wandering deer to drink from! The deer was so smart as it used its hooves to swirl the shallow water so the water will go higher and its mouth could reach it! We also went to the Todaiji temple! Mitch was amazed by its sheer grand scale and made me see the place in a new light (it was my second time being there)!The temple is the largest wooden structure in the world, even though it’s now 33% smaller than the original version.There was a fan festival going on. Not sure what it’s about, and you had to pay to enter, but seemed interesting.Went to kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) and ordered udon + some of my fav sushi (*coughs* grilled cheese ebi)! 

I’m so happy cause when we were leaving, mitch found a gachapon ball at another table (the people there left without taking it), so I went to take it and it was a gintama keychain featuring kagura, sadaharu and shinpachi’s glasses! Yeayyyy!!

Found a yuri on ice cup with jelly at the conbini today :OI bought this from the supermarket yesterday. It’s black sesame mochi ice cream! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try their mochi ice cream but couldn’t find it. So happy I finally found it!Its a really interesting texture, literally a mix between ice cream and mochi. Mitch doesn’t like slimey stuff like that so I had to finish it all by myself lol but it was so good! I loveeeee mochi and chewy things hehehe.


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