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Japan Day 7: Kyoto (Kiyomizudera temple, Gion district, Gyoza)

Can’t believe it’s already been a week since we got to Japan. We only have slightly less than 2 weeks left here :'(… 

For breakfast, we decided to have bread instead of onigiri cause we were eating too much rice lol. 

We cycled from our airbnb to kiyomizudera temple and even though the airbnb owner said it was a quick ride, it took us about an hour cause we kept getting lost and the entire journey there was excruciatingly uphill. T.T I had to get off and push my bike up because I couldn’t cycle up anymore lol.The view from the top of kiyomizudera temple! It means pure water temple.The otowa waterfall. Each stream represents longevity, success at school and good love life respectively, so you’re supposed to drink from the stream you want!We had lunch at a place nearby the waterfall. There was a great view of the forest beside us!We ate cold soba noodles as the weather was really hot. Wish we could add additional ingredients though as it was just carbs 😦We also had strawberry kakigori (shaved ice)! Tastes like ice kacang except they were more generous with the syrup so the whole thing was pretty sweet.After napping back at our place for an hour (we were soooooo tired after the crazy cycling. Or hycling because we practically hiked/cycled up a mountain), we took a bus down to the gion district!

There wasn’t much to do there besides walk around, catch a maiko or two rushing to their next appointments (they were literally scurrying lol so I couldn’t take a photo of them in time), and sample free snacks at souvenir shops hehe. There’s also a Gion corner offering performances at like 3000+ yen (I think), but I read not so good reviews of it and it’s too pricey.

One thing I really appreciate going to gion for was the river we saw – Kamo river (kamogawa). The place looked so beautiful at sunset!Sitting by the river, watching cyclists go by, local breakdancers under the bridge, listening to a busker sing and strum her guitar behind us was a beautiful experience. Really, really happy that we had the time to sit down and just soak in the peaceful atmosphere. :’)We walked down to Sanjo bridge where there was this popular gyoza shop called “Chao chao”. I ate here previously and remember how good it was. It was just as good this time, and a tourist came up to us to declare how good the gyoza was and how we made a good decision to queue for this lolol.This is the menu! The signature chao chao gyoza. Just 600yen for 16 pieces (albeit small pieces). This is my favorite! The gyoza was perfectly crispy with a generous amount of meat.Mitch ordered beef gyoza. He enjoyed it a lot! The other gyoza besides the chao chao one are slightly bigger and also pricier. This was 480yen for 5 pieces.I also got the chicken with cheese gyoza. I’ve never had gyoza with cheese inside before. It was SOOO sinfully good!!! 330 yen for 3 pieces, 430yen for 5 pieces. This is also the second most popular gyoza at the shop, with the chao chao gyoza ring the most popular.


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