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Japan Day 8: Kyoto (Disney store, Arashiyama bamboo forest, Okonomiyaki)

I decided to be slightly healthier and had salad for breakfast! It wasn’t filling at all though and I was hungry very quickly lol. I like how their vegetables taste sweet, which made the salad more edible despite the lack of dressing!Came across a Disney shop near the gion area!Lots of tsum tsums!!We ate at a local shop near katsura river (which is near arashiyama station). I had nishin soba (one of the healthiest items on the menu). The fish was so so good!!The view was so so beautiful!Today was the boat festival, so we managed to see some priests and priestesses on a huge red boat with nice old singing *_* (not pictured oops)On the way back to another train station, we came across this temple with lots of rocks stacked up. Apparently it’s a temple for children.The bamboo forest. It’s just a tiny part of the entire arashiyama area, but it’s one of the most popular and crowded parts of the area. The shade and the tall bamboos do look and feel nice though! 

Loving the inaka (countryside) air *_* I’m a city person so I can’t live in a countryside for too long, but as a short holiday it feels soooo great and needed for the mind and body!Trying to look sophisticatedly at the bamboo trees (when inside me I’m secretly wanting to run away because there are ants on the log and sandflies around me lol)

We headed to Kyoto station after that to marvel at the architecture. It was soooo magnificent! I read that there was cold response to the design of this station as it looked too modern whereas the concept of Kyoto was more traditional with its temples and shrines. 

We went to the rooftop garden and sky walk, both were quite amazing. I’ve been to Kyoto station before but this was my first time thoroughly exploring it. Seeing it with new eyes again was an interesting experience!We ate at Kyoto station, in this area called The Cube. We chose an okonokiyaki restaurant, called Warai.I had the classic Kyoto style and mitch had their pork okonomiyaki. I tried the Kyoto style last time before, and remember how good it was. It’s still as good!! Just that the vegetables get quite bitter after awhile lol. So alternating between something salty and savory like the pork okonomiyaki, and something more earthy balanced the whole meal out. 
This is our second last day in Kyoto. I’m going to miss all the nature and temples, but not the inconvenience of walking and cycling up crazily steep hills and through veryyyyy long distances!


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