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Japan Day 10: Tokyo (Mt. Mitake)

We took the shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo today! Bought bento and a drink for breakfast on the train.Tip: you should get the two-seater seats on the Shinkansen (left side) from Kyoto to Tokyo as you can see a close up view of mt fuji!Before staying in the city, we’re spending a night at Mt Mitake, one of my favorite places and mountain in Tokyo. It’s not as crowded or touristy as Mt Takao, and offers great views with its own shrines and temples as well.This is the bus stop! You need to take a bus down to the Cablecar station.The view from the bus stop.On the cablecar! It was sooo steep! It allows dogs to board as there’s a shrine for pets on the mountain.Look at that beautiful view!We tried walking down to the waterfall, but the way down was quite treacherous with its steep steps (made of rocks and tree branches) and narrow pathway. I was sooo scared of heights, so I was scared of slipping and falling down the side into the abyss of trees.Scaryyyyyy!The lodging we stayed at! It’s called Komadori Sanso. We were the only ones there so we could have the onsen, veranda and dining hall all to ourselves!How our room looks like. It’s so spacious, it even has a television and the veranda opens up to a great view of the mountain.The dining area!The pet shrine. The way up probably consisted of 827374889 stairs. I’m not kidding.When you’re think you’re done, you look up to more stairs. And more stairs. And more.We’re hereeee!Mitch looking down into the abyss.Pretty sky!Our 2000+ yen dinner. Quite pricey, but most shops outside would be closed by like 4pm+, and they won’t offer such good food. 

There was special mochi Japanese rice, appetizer of duck, peas and orange, nabe (soup) with pork, tofu, cabbage and mushrooms, several pickled dishes, a whole grilled fish which tasted like home, and tempura assorted vegetables and prawn, served with houjicha. The person said she chose houjicha for us as it has the least caffeine. How thoughtful!Everything was well arranged in pretty dishes, and even the carrot slice was cut so cutely!After enjoying the onsen, we had some green tea in our room. along with the complimentary snack they provided!

It was a great day despite 6 hours of traveling with all our heavy bags and the scary climb :’) I still love this mountain and its irresistible beauty!


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